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    Hurricane Combats Arts

    I recently noticed the presence of a new martial arts organisation here in Sweden.
    It is currently promoted with seminars. The organisation is based in the USA and is called "Hurricane Combat Arts". Their master is a guy called Frank Monsalve.

    I took a look at their homepage ( It seems to be a little RSBD-ish. Influenced by WC, Silat, Russian Arts, Muay Thai, etc they say

    After watching endless amounts of pictures of this Monsalve guy along with famous MA personalities I decided to come here instead. A quick search didn't turn up anything.

    Does anyone know anything about these people?

    Yep, Jimmy Wennberg, out resident Ashida Kim wannabe currently trains Hurricane.

    He claims to have bettered himself, but I just can't believe that. Oh, and he was promoted to Sifu (why the heck do they have chinese titles in an american system based on russian and philipino martial arts? Ah, there's Wing Chun and Hung Gar in there too) within two years.

    Of course, they do spar, and there is a picture of Gene Labell on their site. I'll reserve judgement until I've meet one of them.


      I know something about this system, my frined Pierre is a family member of the founder and trained there until he moved to South Florida a few years ago. I'll send him a link to this thread so he can tell you some more.

      From what I've gathered a lot of the combative training and tuning was done when the system founder and others would moon light as bouncers and had to use what they learned in real situations.

      I've seen Pierre hold his own standing and grappeling, he loves to go stright for a Guillotine choke.

      You can see a recent (semi) picture of Pierre in this pic ( http://hurricanemartialarts.homestea...op_800x531.jpg ) He's the one in the back right behind the blue belt.

      Again, I'll send him a link and get someone in here who knows the style so you can develop an informed opinion.


        Yep, Jimmy Wennberg, out resident Ashida Kim wannabe currently trains Hurricane.
        I thought that I had heard that name before! Was he the one who was ridiculed for all the kids with titles like "The Super Golden Dragon Ninja" back on the old Fighter Magazine forum?


          I think so.
          I know he has founded/co-founded at least three authentic ninja systems, at least one of them more then 5000 years old and from China. He's been put through lots of ridicule at and I think they refrain from discussing Hurricane for this reason.
          He claims to have seen the error of his ways, and so on, but I'm still a little perplexed by his rapid ascent in the ranks of Hurricane.


            If you have any questions my father's contact information is readily available on the system website; . My name is Jean-"Pierre", I am the founder's son. From what my father has told me Mr. Wennberg loves our system and how direct it is. I have yet to recieve my rank as an instructor in the system, but I am willing to answer any questions you gentlemen may have regarding it. We use chinese terminology because my father's first instructor rank was in wing chun followed by Hung Gar Kuen. Our system is incredibly eclectic, blending elements from other systems as well, we are fast friends with high ranking members within the Russian Systema community and have trained with them on several occassions. Not sure what else i can say regarding the system right now, other than that my father has taken what is practical for self defense and helped to strengthen it. Also stephen, it pretty much just happened to be a coincidence that most of the members of the system have moonlighted or worked full time as bouncers, most practicioners of the system find that they are awesome at that line of work because the system is a down and dirty direct street combat martial arts system. And once again if any of you have any questions feel free to direct them to myself, my father or any of our instructors listed on the website.
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              Hurricane Combat Arts

              Hi guys, Frank Monsalve here. My son Pierre has answered a couple of the questions/comments already, so I'll keep it simple and address the subject of Jimmy Wennberg. I 1st met Jimmy in a MA chat room, where we argued the merits of traditional Ninjutsu (him)vs. eclectic MMA cross training (me). He was supposedly a 4th degree black in his own form of Ninjutsu, of which I was a bit skeptical of due to his young age at the time, and I let him know it. Another Ninja he was associated with was another Bullshido fav, Yo Sato. Not long after our chat, Jimmy came to the U.S. to train with Yo, but the person that was supposed to pick him up never showed and left him stranded at the airport. After realising he was stuck in the U.S. for 2 weeks, he called me and explained his problem. Since I've been hosting MA'ists from all over for a long time, I went ahead and invited him to stay at my place. The 1st day he stayed at my place he watched a class , and asked if he could spar. I paired him up with one of my students who just earned his full instructors rank (1st deg). Long story short, my student wasted Jimmy easily, and Jimmy was quite humbled over the fact that a 1st deg. was able to pound or submit him at will. Jimmy then asked if he could become a student. I told him that would be OK, but ONLY if he promised not to use what he learned from us back in Sweden and call it Ninjutsu. We also had a long talk about the negative view I had towrds him having his own style of Ninjutsu at such a young age (21) and the ridicule it will bring him in the future. He stayed at my place and we trained every day while he was here, also videotaping everything he was taught. Not long after his return to Sweden, he contacted me and said he would renounce his rank & associations in Ninjutsu, if I would let him become a full student. I agreed and he began to go to "The Dark Side" :tongue5: as Yo Sato put it when he discovered Jimmy was dropping him as an associate. In the past 4 (not 2) years Jimmy has returned to the U.S. twice for intensive training towrds his full instructorship, as well as hosting me in Sweden for a seminar and more intensive training. He is currently ranked at 4th level (associate instructor - which he earned) and is teaching several students the basics working towards his full instructors rank. He has worked hard, has learned the material and now shows an excellent level of understanding the material as well as the ability to apply. I've also encourage him to cross train in the other systems available where he lives, such as Sombo, Shooto and Brazillian Jiujitsu. Though his past is somewhat questionable regarding rank & Ninjutsu, I personally feel Jimmy has sincerely realised the "error of his ways" and is now working hard towards becoming a more legit practitioner.
              Mosquito & Astrosmurf, I'll be back in Sweden this November 5th & 6th to do a Hurricane seminar in Gothenberg. If you're interested in what we do, feel free to attend and check us out. I'll also be more than happy to answer any other questions concerning Hurricane.



                Before I left Lund, the town in sweden that I was living in, for Los Angeles I also noticed Hurricane and their RBSD 101 style of marketing flyers, full of pictures of people gouging each others eyes out (I also remember plenty of other new bullshido-esque flyers advertising ninjas and the like; my favorite was probably the course entitled STREET DEFENSE FOR WOMEN SET TO MUSIC, wtf...) . I definitly looks like bullshido to me, but I never pursued it further. While I should perhaps refrain from judging the system before I've actually met anyone who practices it, I would tell people to stay away from those people.


                  Thanks for the explaination Mr Monsalve. I might be able to go to the seminar in Gothenburg (where I live). But it is not certain that I can find the time (I just got a small son of my own.)



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