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Kali / Silat websites?

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    Kali / Silat websites?

    Do any of you know of any good Kali / Silat websites? I am looking for answers to these question:

    1) Why are Kali and Silat almost always mentioned in the same breath?

    2) I have a pretty good idea what the stick and knife training involves (both offense and defense), but what are the open hand techniques and grappling like?

    Pictures of video clips of these techniques would be helpful.


    Kali and Silat are not the same. Kali refers to a Filipino Martial Art, similar, or even identical, to Arnis and Escrima in technique. Silat has it's roots in Indonesia and Malaysia, where there are literally hundreds of different styles of silat. The FMA's generally start out teaching weapons, either blade or stick, and then moving on to open hand techniques. Silat usually starts with open hand, and gradually incorporates weapons.

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      Thanks for the info, Deus. If I'm not mistaken, Silat is more of a grappling style, right? (Or am I way off?) So, why do most people group these two styles together? Are they very complementary styles? Is that, why?


        there are a very large number of silat systems. some of them are purely indonesian, and others are an admixture of chinese and indonesian styles.
        silat does have a lot of throwing motions, one of the primary strategies is to disturb and control the opponents balance while moving into close range to throw. at least this is the one of the strategies of my style. i practice a kuntao silat system from the west java area. it has a lot of chinese ma elements. styles from other areas can be very different. i know a few decent sites and will post them below.

        kali is philly,some say it is an ancient precursor to arnis and escrima, and some say it is arnis,just with a fancy name. dont know much about philly arts. they are similar to some silat and kuntao/pukulan/silat systems



 (not one of my favorites,but there is some decent info)

 (good serak site)
 (a silat link page)


            Thanks for the info. I'll check out those sites. The second and last links did not work, though. :(


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