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    Next project...

    This is jumping the gun QUITE A BIT, considering I still have a total of thirty pages I need to draw, spread over two comics, and a whole 'nother issue for a third series. But, being that I'm a workaholic, and I love pressure, I wanna see what you guys have to say.

    My real problem is that so many martial arts comics have nothing to do with martial arts as they do with "using" MA to make their comic "cooler." For instance, one comic that I thought was really gonna rock (Samurai Deeper Kyo) ended up being total crap, without even having ANY fight scenes or historical research on the time.

    So, here's what I've been thinking on. A lot of people lean toward the first one, but I'm putting this to a vote with everybody I know personally, and most of the boards I post on.

    1- MSG. This is a period action-comedy set in 1811 China. Old-school, traditional martial arts, researched up the yin-yang. Cocky rich Wing Chun kid meets down-to-Earth Tai Chi/Nan Quan liquor store owner. They start as enemies, become friends, and also team up with a bunch of people from all walks of life, all tied together by one thing--martial arts.

    2- Unnamed Muay Thai/kickboxing comic. Modern-day drama about a young man who drops out of college to pursue kickboxing, ends up getting the unholy hell beaten out of him in his first fight. Trains his ass off so he can show his disapproving parents that he really can achieve something without a degree. I doubt I'm actually gonna do this one, but people have said they wanted this... "Rocky with roundhouse kicks," one guy said.

    3- Unnamed MMA comic. Same principle as above, only with mixed martial arts instead of kickboxing.

    4- A random comic dealing with martial arts insanity. Like Punisher's goofy-ass stories, but in comic form. Everybody has a funny story to tell about MA--here's where they'll be seen. Only I might have to pay royalties, and that sucks. Although it could be called Bullshido, and be an exclusive to this site... (YOU LISTENING, ADMIN PEOPLE? <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>


    Lemme know what you guys think, please. I NEED MORE WORK!

    10th degree. Yeah, I said 10th degree. White belt, o'course. This long and I haven't been promoted once? I must really suck.

    1- number one, as it would be intertesting to see a more adventure based comic book, the others are more suited to a movie or book.
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      I vote for #5 personally. Assuming they don't flip out and cut your head off for trying to expose them.


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        How about a hottie walking through a dark alley way and two guys come up behind her.....she pulls a gun, shoot them both dead and leaves......

        no wait thats stupid


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              4, make sure its super duper psycho violent deep shit like akira


                #1 and #2 both sound good to me. but in some ways #2 sounds like the two Kickboxer movies, hell, just do bothe!! that way every one is happy.

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                  Sounds kind of like Yojimbo, the comic book about a rabbit that resembles an Akira Kurosawa film by the same name. He was a guest star on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series. TMNT is also a comic.

                  It also sounds a little DBZ-ish. Which is fine.

                  You might want to read this really long and sometimes boring but often interesting and educational novel about life back in the day in China, called The Story of the Stone or The Dream of the Red Chamber. (its kind of where I got my name) It gives you a lot of details about what life was like for an aristocratic family in ancient China.

                  Yojimbo is Japanese and DBZ is in space and stuff and also Japanese, so yours would still be unique. For research you could watch dozens of old Kung Fu movies.


                    1 and 4 sound

                    Hope it comes through

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                        I'm gonna vote for 4