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Hokey religions and ancient weapons

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    Hokey religions and ancient weapons

    How many people remember the scean in The old star wars where han solo asks Luke skywalker if he really believes hokey religions and ancient weapons will do him any good against a gun?
    The reason I ask this is another question, which martial art do you think they were secretly making fun of? My vote would be Aikido because Obi-wan looked alot like the depiction of an old Aikido-ka or Samurai. Please, coments observations?

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      Why do you think they were making fun of something let alone a martial art?

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        I guess they were making fun of Han Solo, because the force was supposed to be real, and lightsabers kicked ass.

        Note:I am not a Star Wars junkie.

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        Normally, I'd say I was grappling, but I was taking down and mounting people, and JFS has kindly informed us that takedowns and being mounted are neither grappling nor anti grappling, so I'm not sure what the fuck I was doing. Maybe schroedinger's sparring, where it's neither grappling nor anti-grappling until somoene observes it and collapses the waveform, and then I RNC a cat to death.----fatherdog


          I think he actually says (erm I'm just a "fan"... not a "junky" ;)): hocky religioun and acient weapons are no good for a good blaster or something like that - he was just implying that none of it exsists, and he doesn't believe in it. Wasn't making fun of anything.

          Note:I just love the SW movies, dunno if that makes me a junky..
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