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Is there any good non "Mcdojo" schools in seattle washington?

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    Is there any good non "Mcdojo" schools in seattle washington?

    I'm a pathetic 192 pound scrub who wants to learn a useful martial art.
    However, I've heard of many kinds of martial arts. However, what should I take?
    I've heard that Judo is one of the best MA's out there.
    But then I hear that "wing chun is good".
    Then i'm told to stop dancing and start wrestleing.
    Out of the storm of schools... What does the Bullshido community recommened?
    (Except for me to have a life)

    NW Kali is out there, they do more than just Kali, they teach Muay Thai and BJJ as well.
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      Last time I checked, NW Kali only did "sub grappling" which was 1 class on Saturdays.

      I haven't been there in over a year, so everything could have drastically changed (they moved to a new locatioin and everything), but I didn't like it when I was there. The classes were short and unorganized. People literally came off the street and trained in jeans and a t-shirt. 1 hour long classes including a warm up.

      I only took the MT class and was only there for about a month and a half or so.

      The main thing that got me was that they had 1 hour long classes. That's not enough for me. And I can't make it to all 5 classes per week.

      Anyway, rant over.

      If you're going to go all the way to Auburn/Federal Way from Seattle, you might as well train here:



        Hmm.... Could there be one thats a tad closer?
        Being 18 and not having a car is a toltal pain in the ass. Not that I wouldin't dedicate my self to hauling my ass down there on the good ole' metro buses.
        My step dad is in a akido class in bothell.
        I presume it has automatic mcdojo status though....


          Well, aikido and bothel would be 2 strikes. :))

          What's your training goal?



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