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    ATTN Alter7nate

    Have you ever encountered my style of counter-trolling techniques :D? I know you don't like it, but I think it's more effective than normal moderating and it actually bugs you which I've never seen any mod do THAT before ;).


    There was a Legend known as GDtheTrain.....he saw that edited story you made, and started making fun of me.

    But my Trollinh genius remembered that he had a picture I a a hold of it and photoshopped it.
    I have Osama Bin Laden gangbanging GDtheTrain.

    Your method does not work on me........the great HTML Hacker Alpo from of Ninjitsu Era edited my threads in a similar way like you did BUT it wasn't effective...

    I even got a new screen name (Helio Gracie) so everything he adds to my threads is making Helio Gracie look bad.


      Helio Gracie doesn't speak English let alone type it or surf the internet so that wouldn't make him look bad. So here are your options:

      -Stop trolling stupidly
      -Continue to be made to look a fool

      I won't ban you, but if you keep being stupid, I will continue to edit your posts.



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