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Fighting bullshidokas

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    Fighting bullshidokas

    Ok so me and a couple of me buddies have decided to build a national website to get martial artists and their club/dojo of my country connected.We have loads of time this vecation to pour our hearts into this.Now I want hold up some rules in the site to keep away bullshidokas and their bullshit.It goes something like this

    "Please leave this website if you have had no or very little experience in anything related to the martial arts. Leave if one of these points apply to you
    :1>You were never affiliated with any Club/Dojo or part of any governing body that deals with the martial arts.
    2>You have only recently heard anything related to the martial arts and been in practice for less than a year or have had below 100 hours of training.
    3>You watched a good movie and suddenly decided to search for a website have connection with the choreography present in it (the movie).4>You want to become the deadliest person in the world.
    5>You think you are the deadliest person in the world.6>You truly believe that some martial artists can do things supernatural or godlike.
    7>Your run around in a black cape thinking you are a ninja or a figure to be feared.8>You want to beat up a bully that has been harassing you.9>You want to inflict pain on someone for pleasure.
    10>You want to inflict pain on yourself for someone else's pleasure,affection,attention etc "

    Sorry if it looks messy .Its cause I copied and pasted it from "work in progress".Well anyways what I want is for you people to post some "Leave" rules that you think is appropriate.No profanity or such cause I wanna keep the website clean (I DID NOT VOTE TO DO SO) :5obsessed


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