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Greetings from Rio

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    Greetings from Rio

    Found myself a computer down here, and so far its been cool as hell.

    Im currently training at Gracie Humaita with Rolker and Royler Gracie and the weather down here is great. The steak is delicious and cheap as hell too.

    The guy Im staying with works in Barra, so lots of the Barra guys (Pe de Pano, Carlinhos) hang out there after they get done training. The training is going pretty good, but Rolker was nagging me because I wiegh 75 kilos, but Im fighting middleweight, which is 82 kilos (lightweight is 73 kilos). Right now theres no class structure really- its just all training all business.


    Had to bounce to get something to eat and got cut off.


    I had the chance to train with Daniel Morias and Im seeing alot of Kron Gracie at the gym. Almost everyone I meet here in Rio seems to be a black belt (and really fucked up ears).

    From what I was exposed to back in Philly, I was told that the training in Brazil was light years ahead of the US, and that our fighters, in comparison with theirs, were much less skilled. This is what I can comment on based on my experiences so far:

    1.There are 10x as many black belts in Brazil as the US, so a BJJ black belt in held in much more awe in the US than Brazil.

    2. People down here are not a bunch of guard pulling hos. They fight the same way that Ive seen in the US with almost everyone trying to force themselves to the top position.

    3. The skill level between fighters in Brazil is no different than fighters in the US (when comparing peers of course, i.e. blue belt vs blue belt). One comment I can make though is that since such a higher number of people train BJJ down here, theres a much larger pool of people to draw talent from than here.

    My honost opinion after training with numerous blue, purple, brown, and black belts down here. Natrually, since it is the Mundials, there are alot of other foreigners in the Academy and I dont see any noticable difference between Jiu Jitsu.
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    La Mole. El Toral.

    Eat at those places and be happy.


      Enjoy it. I haven't been yet, but know lots of people who have and they all rave about the place. They've always told me the belt levels feels the same but there are just so many more higher level belts to roll with. I'm jealous as all shit!


        Don't post again unless you got some beach pictures. :new_smile
        "Its not important to be strong, its just important not to be weak."


          I dont have a digital camera with me, so I cant post any pictures of the beach (although I was there today and it was great). It seems as if everyone I meet is a freaking black belt. Is there some kind of cult I wasnt aware of when I came down here?


            Sounds cool, bro. Good training :glasses1:
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