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    Originally posted by JKDChick
    I'd like to know where they get off using the term Bullshido
    Does Phrost have some sort of copyright on "Bullshido"? Is establishing a "presence" on the 'net sufficient?


      Where do they use Bullshido?



        I think it is just a misunderstanding. She belongs to the Bullshido group on myspace and posted a topic there. I don't think she says anything about it anywhere on her site.


          Originally posted by Kengou
          here's some little gems of self-defense advice from this site:

          "learning to punch properly so you don't hurt your wrist or hand can take years. use the palm instead!"

          "There are many ways to use your fingers, a rake across the eyes, a poke, digging your thumbs in, or a poke to the neck all work wonders."

          "Knee-to-the-face: Usually done after he's bent over holding his balls."

          "Knee-to-torso: usually done after hes bent over already in pain."

          "simple, basic, no explanation needed. you can stomp anywhere . . . ."

          "Heel-to-groin: your back is turned so he'll never expect this!"

          "Hand-to-groin: you can use your hands from almost any angle, punch, palm strike (cup your hand and slap), or just grab and squeeze the suckers!"

          "how to squeeze: Please show this on something funny, like walnuts or golfballs or something that gets the point across. don't "pinch" close all 4 fingers around and clench!"

          "they aren't right underneath, so why kick straight up? they are kinda under and kinda in front so kick at a 45degreeangle, this way it trapps them and they get crushed between your foot and his pelvis bone! (ouch!)"

          Doesn't that evoke a wonderful atmosphere of girl-power and nut-crushing?
          The (one) time I ever spoke with someone that did WSD they said the goal of the classes was 1) to create self confidence so they don't look like victims and 2) to create enough space/time for the victim to escape. In that light some of these are valid. Even blocking a nut shot might give the girl enough time to get away. But follow up attacks? Um, no.


            I like how all those statements are given with such confident wording, but I'm pretty sure the author hasn't actually tried any of these moves on a live opponent.


              Guys or girls on the receiving end should either look pretend-worried (funny), pretend-hurt (exagerated and funny), or just smiling/laughing like the girls. NEVER angry or realistically hurt! always a light-hearted, non-threatening atmosphere.

              It's the sugary breakfast cereal of self-defense!

              EDIT: On headbutts:

              The thing to remember is you use the TOP of your head, against the FRONT of his face. This is usually easy for women because theyre usually shorter.
              Dosen't she mean "forehead"?


                No, she means top of the head.


                  It looks like it is actually a brainstorm session, not an actual WSD website.


                    Originally posted by Meager
                    No, she means top of the head.
                    I seen the top of her head !


                      I don't think the techniques are that bad. Just funny wording. Plus some stuff like

                      "learning to punch properly so you don't hurt your wrist or hand can take years."


                      " you can stomp anywhere" (try stomping on his head from a standing position)

                      and the classic

                      " just grab and squeeze the suckers!"


                        My girlfriend and I were appalled to hear an acquaintance describe a "women's self defense" course she attended that advocated dropping to your back and attempting to kick the attacker.

                        I'll repeat that -- dropping onto your back, on the ground, and trying to kick at the attacker.

                        There's so much wrong with that, it almost sounds as if it was intentionally designed to get the women hurt or killed. What's worse is that she strongly believed in the advice from the "self defense" instructor, even though we tried to explain that we'd both trained for years, had actually been in fights, and could give solid reasons why dropping onto your back is a tremendously dangerous move.

                        Unfortunately, I can't give a name for the instructor (our acquaintance didn't recall), but it was a course she attended at Harvard sometime before 1999.


                          There are some weird self-defense teachers at Harvard. Like, the guy who teaches the tai chi club...


                            Originally posted by Wounded Ronin
                            There are some weird self-defense teachers at Harvard. Like, the guy who teaches the tai chi club...
                            Those poor girls.


                              Has anyone attempted to enlighten her about her site yet?
                              I tried to reason with "her" privately on MySpace awhile ago (she spammed that site to many MA groups), but it became a huge public verbal brawl about the absurdity of the ideas presented.

                              Her main excuse (and there were many excuses) was that all of those pictures and descriptions were just examples/instructions....the goal being to get various women to recreate the moves depicted and send in photos of them doing so. Nobody is supposed to actually take them as training advice.

                              She also claimed to be a BJJ blue belt.



                                What? Nobody is supposed to take her stuff as training advice? It sure *sounded* like she was giving advice, though.



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