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    Most useful instruction vids

    Sure, nothing beats live practice, but I'm sure we've all fallen back to videos at some point for some instruction/enlightenment. Just as surely, we've cursed some producers for capitalizing on a great name with a lousy tape full of bullshido.

    So, to save the rest of us some pain and a whole lotta cash and for personal edification, which videos did/do the ppl here find the most useful? What would you learn from it, what makes this particular tape/series so great and why? How many times have you watched it?

    i have mario sperry's secrets of submission grappling.
    mario does not only present moves, he also presents strategies, which what is like about his instructionals.
    i'm still trying to perfect the moves and strategy in bjj class.
    works 5 out of 9 times for me. in the future, i hope the success rate is gonna get higher for me.


      I like Bas Rutten's instructional tapes. Good stuff for MMA.


        Bas's is on my 'to get' list.

        I just received the first tape in the Frank Shamrock series - about home fitness workouts.

        Watched it last night, pretty good.

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          We make our own videos at the club to demonstrate our techniques, and pass them around

          There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface, consuming...


            I've got three of Bram Frank's videos done for Spyderco. I like the first of them the best and really liked the the anatomy cut-and-effect lesson. I pull it out whenever we get into a stab v. slash debate at my house.


              I gotta get some gary dill videos.


                yeah Bas Rutten's, or any MMA/Submission fighting artist's, like Fran Shamrock's, Brazillian Top Teams..

                Dibble, so what's better - stab or slash?
                "Training = pain." - I said that.

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                  Dave Hopkins' older videos are great. Dynamic takedowns covers some of the most common(and good) san soo takedowns. Good explanation, they do them with speed and resistance, and plus you get to see how Master Hopkins used to look like an in-shape Steven Seagal with blonde hair.


                    Some of my favorites were/are:

                    paul vunak's "lost art of biting and eye gouging" (great for anytime anybody even thinks of slightly offending your fragile ego)

                    Dr Latourette's "speed slicing- how to cut a man 11 times or more in one second or less" (equally appropriate for intimidation and outright savage displays of abominable and murderous inhumanity)

                    and finally:
                    "HOMEMADE C4 - THE VIDEO" - paladin press ( strictly for information and academic purposes mind you).


                      OSIRIS HERE:
                      (it is actually "how to cut a man 7 times or more" not 11, so unfortunately it might take an extra 2 or 3 seconds to absolutely slash his throat,face and neck to ribbons, all with correct morality and integrity , of course)

                      the homemade c4 video is a paladin press release (the company that brought us all such gems as the hitman manual and the beautiful "how to kill vol 1-4 and "best of how to kill" series)
                      you may find it or a link to it on the site or on this site (I cant beleive sites like this still exist -

                      anyway, I was not being serious, I find good stuff in every video (even the bad stuf is good coz it teaches you what NOT to do)



                        Dibble, so what's better - stab or slash?
                        Don't even. You did not just go there girlfriend. <2 snaps and a head twirl>



                          For standing locks and takedown/submission follow-ups I strongly suggest the "Practical Chin Na" series of tapes by Tim Cartmell.

                          - Skummer -


                            "I gotta get some gary dill videos."

                            does Dillman's KO pressure point crap actually work?

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