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My public apology to all females

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    My public apology to all females

    From Hook:

    "I would watch it if I were you. One of these days a woman is going to put you in your place and it will be funny as hell to see it. We might not be there but you will be the one that gets defeated. And us women here will be the next ones in line, that is if we aren't the ones that get ahold of you first, to get you next."

    I believe you, I will watch my back....

    Back in the recently deceased Showya II Era (Summer of 2001), there was a female co-worker by the name of Sara Benjamin...she almost used her stuff on me.

    She was a mostly movie trained Kickboxer who goes to class once in a while, and was also a well known Tae-bo expert.

    My fighting strategy against her was a quick Kung Fu style combo and leg takedown into a Gene Lebell textbook Judo Grapevine pin on the ground...then maybe pound her.

    My white belt level Karate was enough to beat that Chick but who knows.....anything could of happened...I could of got beated up to death.

    OMG, awesome!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahhahahahahah


      Are you that serios? Now is not the time to think about how tough your oppisite sex opponent will be. Train harder, then get revenge.

      Foolish friends are worse than wise enemies.


        Geez I am awestruck. You are wise my friend. For it is not that all females would beat you. You just have to recognize that some of us on this forum have been training for many years like me. I am not saying that I could out box you or anything like that, but if it came down to the ground I think that I would definitally win.



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