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If you like kung fu movies have you found the ones with training videos on them?

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    If you like kung fu movies have you found the ones with training videos on them?

    There are a lot of Hwang Jang Lee DVD's that have a special feature of martial arts masters doing a training tape. One of course I have is of Taekwondo and it just shows basic footwork and some kick combos and is really boring and in all Korean.
    I got another Hwang Jang Lee movie that has a Master training in San Shou Wushu and he talks in Chinese but it has english subtitles and tells all about his ideas of fighting. Like explaining 8 words and how to use them in a fight. He was really enthusiastic and funny.

    I plan to get some more.

    Does anyone have any thoughts about their ideas? And who are the guys and how did they get picked for all the HWang Jang Lee movies? That guy seriously is my favorite kung fu movie star!

    hwang jang lee was that the guy who starred in drunken master and snake in the eagles shadow?.


      He starred in Drunken Master as the bad guy.

      Anyway a lot of his DVD's now come with special training videos on them by certain martial arts masters. Its all a lot of basic stuff but if anyone has seen them what is your opinion of it?


        Oh! That sounds wonderful. I have to get some and review them.
        Monkey Ninjas! Attack!


          what dvd company sells them with training extras on the dvd? SPeaking of hwang jang lee anyone know about the story where he killed a knife expert who challenged him (with a knife0 by kicking him in the temple? is there any truth to this? My favorite of his mvoies is "Invincible Iron Armour"

          "There is no one that could possibly beat me."

          "Brother, time catches up with all of us. You are not as unbeatable as you once were."

          "FIrst class. First class."


            WTF? That was ALMOST a real post.


              Ol' Johny posting again because I peeved him and he cant get over it!

              Anyway, these kung fu DVD's are cool because 1. the movies kick ass and are hilariously entertaining to watch and 2. they have training videos! They claim to teach you to be street leathel and take on anyone!

              So far all I have seen is some boring Takewondo kick combos and footwork, then the san shou wushu guy was cool and was extremely enthusiastic and speaking in chinese and explained 8 rules or special words for wushu and talked about some fighting stratedgy and showed this block and punch thing and said "I hope you can master this!"

              I cant wait to get more. This stuff is great! Very funny! But it is still interesting to learn about the martial arts presented.

              I think the company is videoasia or something. Just search up the movie 7 Steps of Kung Fu, or 5 Fingers of Steel and see what comes up.



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