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Bullshido maybe

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    Bullshido maybe

    Yeah from whats there I think its a fairly on target guess that its bullshido.


      1 month of karate......
      Reads thousands of books for years......
      Opens up a school that teaches ''wu-chi''.....
      Funny guy....


        Just for future reference, posting a link and no opinion/critique of your own is a no-no here.


          I'd have to say "yes it's bullshido" although he may well have USMC combatatives experience.

          I justify my assessment on any number of statements in his web page. Here's a couple, starting with one of his books for sale (just $30 bucks!):

          This book was originally written 10 years ago as a "what if" analysis of how a WU-CHI practitioner would fight off an attacking dog. This book has been very popular with all who see it. Filled with theory and diagrams, it gives you the background on dog psychology and physiology. No animals were hurt in the designing of this dog combat technology. I have used this books' material against a dog for a real self defense application.
          That whole paragraph drips with bullshido right there. And here's a pic of the front cover that really should go to Pics Of Disaster.


          Not to mention, from the "about simmons" section:

          . This event prompted the start of his studies of all the martial arts. Simmons wanted to become one of the most combat skilled martial artists in the world.

          The only formal study he had in this field was 1 month of Karate training at age 10. His instructor moved away, so he was left to study on his own. He began reading books on all types of self defense techniques at the local library. He then went on to master those book referenced physical techniques. As Simmons got older, he bought copies of the original books he had read, and acquired others. He has now amassed some 1000 books in the martial arts section of his personal library. This is complemented with another 2500 scientific books for the WU-CHI course technical support reference section. Simmons uses these references in the creation of his various self defense courses. As the years have passed, he has continued to expand his information base and physical training regimen...


            "The only tournament is in the street"

            "The only trophy is your life"

            "The only belt is in the mouth"

            -D. Simmons
            Add your own "The only _____ is _______"
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              Good one..HAHAHAHA

              Everyone knows that the only way to excel and be proficient is on the Mat, no mat no SKILL.
              Damn how stupid of me to waste all that time, you mean all i had to do was read books and i could be better than Bruce Lee, Mas Oyama and the Gracies. damn all those years wasted on learning techniques and drilling them on the mat against oponents to see how they work and under what circumstances..

              What a load of bullshido!!!


                Originally posted by P-Dub
                Add your own "The only _____ is _______"

                The only colitis is microbal!
                Lone Wolf McQuade Final Fight:


                  The only _ing _un is wing chun!!!

                  "There is no such thing as a bisexual man. If you like dick, you're gay."


                    There is an "ANT-SAMBO" book as well. You know, those things they just don't show you.

                    Calling Omega . . .




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