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Got kick out.....

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    Got kick out.....

    (I sweared god I didn't make this up)

    The latest battle with my parents........

    I cooked some rice in the rice cooker, then ate an orange...then I went downstair and told my little brother to check if I put the rice cooker on cook.
    That stupid bitch came back and say that it wasn't on cook so I went back up and it was on cook so I call him a pussy.....then my mom AKA Monster started bitching around...I nuke it out with her.
    I went back to my room and that Monster was saying some annoying things so I shout back at her adn slam the door.....she came down and started bitching even more....she tried to fuck me, I say I'll fuck her back......then she told me to get out of the house so I got out the front door and punched out the window screen on the way out.

    I walked around for like 3 hours bareass.....and I just managed to get into the library with my shirt covering my bareass and go online right now...

    Man I hate this family!!

    If they didn't fuck me back then.....I might be much better right now.
    All those rapes damaged my hormone system and also my rectum (Because I was raped for a long time)

    This summer is just a waste...44 more days to go

    Tonight I'm sleeping in my mom's bed for sure.....

    I got the herbs and everything to restore my rectum back to full power BUT the problem is that my rectum is also mess up so it won't absorb the herbs...

    I tried to fix my rectum but haven't been successful yet..........another problem is that my stupid parents are LOVERS of incest....I have problems trying to stop them because I enjoy it.

    I just got out of the hospital 3 weeks ago and the medicines that the doctor give does not really help you, it's just anti-depression won't heal a damaged rectum fully

    All these have destroyed my Teenhood, Health, Life, Social Life, Sex Life (Due to hormones not working properly), and everything..........................

    yeah... thats too bad

    I'll let you try my Wu Tang style...


      Man what a homo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        That's pretty gay alter...



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