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More Bullshido SD that can get you seriously hurt

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    More Bullshido SD that can get you seriously hurt

    Believe it or not I found this on the front page of this site as an advertisement (They even mispell "Education" on the banner ad).

    Note the claims (all quotes are copied directly from the website)

    In Today's World, Bodyguards May Face Terrorists, Criminals, Drug Dealers, Kidnappers or just plain "Crazy."
    I didn't know there was "Crazy" after me...

    They May Travel With A Jewelry Broker From Pasadena California California City To Another City; Or, It's Possible They May Provide Individual Protection At An Abortion Clinic -During A Pro Life Demonstration.
    Aside from the horrible grammar this might be true. Ofcource I've never heard of a person employing a bodyguard to go to an Abortion clinic.

    His Name is Devin Willis, Who is a Certified Protection Specialists and Certified Security Specialist. .
    Googled the name. Turns up several advertisements for his "device" as well as some churches. No pictures or other information. Also claims to be a former bodyguard for Former Govenor of California Jerry Brown. I can't find anything on him be associated with Gov. Brown.

    "..Last night I was walking in a parking lot alone. I heard a noise and started getting a little freaked out until I remembered that I had The Guardian in my bag. I got it out and kept walking with the knowledge that if I was attacked I'd have some way to protect myself. Keeping The Guardian with me is definitely a good idea.."
    Now this quote is on the front page. a Miss "Sophie B." making the statement.


    if you head to the testimonials page the EXACT SAME QUOTE is from a Ms. Sophie Rexburg of Indiana. Strange isn't it.

    Also if you read over the Testimonials page. Not ONE of the testimonials is about a person surviving an attack at all. Simply that they feel safer knowing they have this little hunk of plastic.

    Let's take a look at the " Techniques " page shall we

    Wow... no real help at the site...but you will get help if you pay the $29.95 for the piece of plastic and the DVD.

    Let's see the "Tips " section

    Wow... this looks like a lesson in COMMON SENCE.

    Of cource he suggests if you are leaving work that you have "Have security officer escort " (I didn't know McDonalds had security). Also he suggests "Engrave your driver's license number on your frame and wheel rims " of your bicycle if you ride it to work. Perfect for identity theft.

    While in the car he suggests "If your car breaks down, tie a white flag to the antenna and wait for help." But according to my Driver's Ed manual popping the hood up and placing a rag or clothing item in the door is recommended. Also how does one know that the "rag" isn't a decoration or what if you don't have an antenna?

    Now we come to the cream of the crap. the "Guardian" itself.

    The Guardian Self Defense Key Chain are highly accessible, extremely durable, effective self defense weapons. They can be used for stabilizing your fist, applying pressure to sensitive parts of an assailant's body, or or striking . Made of high impact plastic in various colors. This Guardian is Red. A plastic instruction card packed with facts and stricking zones is included.
    stabilizing the fist? Applying pressure to a point on the body? Or or Striking?

    Don't some women's self defence cources teach that you can use your keys to jab and poke at an attacker's eyes?

    Anyone else wanna rip this thing apart?

    (EDIT: I changed the topic title. I want people to respond)
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    phil elmore would have an orgasm viewing that site. SD gadgets to phil are like a vibrating dildo is to a horny woman. :phil:
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      Resources and Tips

      At Home

      If you receive an obscene phone call, hang up. If the calls continue, report them to the Police Department.

      At Work

      If you're being intimidated, yell "Fire:" it's often more effective than "Help."

      Your Car

      Never pick up strangers.

      Out and About

      Lock your bicycle with a heavy case hardened lock or alloy steel chain.
      "The day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the Supreme Being as His father, in the womb of a virgin will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter." -Thomas Jefferson - (purposefully taken out of its context) Source.





          They May Travel With A Jewelry Broker From Pasadena California California City To Another City; Or, It's Possible They May Provide Individual Protection At An Abortion Clinic -During A Pro Life Demonstration.
          That's too bad. I'm planning a trip with a jewelry broker from San Diego, California, to another city. I guess I won't be needing my 'The Guardian' to protect against Crazy.



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