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seems like bullshido

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    seems like bullshido

    Tibetan T'ai Ch'i?

    Hm. Maybe I can check out their free class.
    There are no wrong threats, only wrong answers. (Strategy game truism)



      They are a very spiritually oriented group and present themselves as such. They do not have the misleading or false claims of martial superiority. I would put them in the same category as Tai Chi and Yoga. Although they all might have some merit and application towards self defense, they do not actively promote themselves as combative arts.

      Honestly it looks like some yoga, tai chi, with a little kung fu thrown in. I didn't see any fantastic claims of greatness. Just a group of hippies getting together to get in touch with their inner whatever. The phrase that made me decide that they were harmless was that they say they are non-competitive, non-hierarchal, and do not participate in tourneys or demos without qualifying themselves as 'too deadly in application'.


        Agree with Yrkoon to some extent... hell they dont even make the claims of some well know Taiji practitioners... but Taiji it aint... posture is wrong and no way would a Taiji practitioner have crossed legs on a thin plank like that...
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        People have been telling him that it's stupid and will not work... for 1200 years." - Leodom

        Banish Uncertainty
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        Expect Death - read in a book


          i think that they are pretty harmless but they still use the old cliche of
          old and very mystical as one of there marketing plots when it comes to self defence the closes thing to it i found on there site was this.

          This is the most complex Art taught at the Boston School of Boabom. It can be described as "the Art of Self-Healing through Self-Defense". Progressive in its teaching, this non-contact Art rewards with new movements, stretches, and challenges for as long as the student wishes to learn.

          Within this course you will study and practice movements that develop fast reactions, agility, self-control, balance, speed, precise reflexes, spontaneity, breathing (as a method to control your body and mind), concentration, and the projection of internal energies. You will study a precise and extraordinary form of defense that is realized and perfected through an improvised dance, and at the same time is an awakening of self-security through an internal force: the vortex of internal magnetic fields (Mahaprana in Sanskrit).

          they also state somewhere they are non contact
          so they are teaching slef defence without contact and thru improvised
          kata? (sorry dance)

          this next claim i find highly questionable.that the roots are lost
          are just too convenient.that an art is thousands of years is thousands of years old is just bullshit what proof is there for this claim.

          The roots of the Arts of Boabom are lost in time, though we can identify their origins in ancient Bod, or Peuyul, a very peculiar region of the Himalayas, thousands of years ago--before the beginning of our Yuga.

          this sounds to me to be bullshido.
          insane claims (thousands of year old)
          questionable or no roots, lineage
          teaches self defence without contact
          and seems to rely more on bizarre and mystical forces than
          than down to earth fist in the face physics.

          thats is my 2 cents in this



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