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    Attn: Alter7nate

    Hey, I keep getting banned from the Underground. Do you have any tips on how to last around there?

    During my Trolling career prime back in Ninjitsu Era.... banned me 17 times but I survived them all...

    Now it's but I think they still use the same system...

    If you know what a cookie is, take that out and put it in the recycle bin....then reregister with a new e-mail

    If you don't know what a cookie is, I'll get you that site where one guy explain it

    By the way, I'm ranked at 2900 in Trolling.....

    The GrandMaster Marx who made the thread is ranked at 2833.....he is undoubtly the most powerful Troll beside myself..........but I do believe in Jesus so that's not very cool

    I'm currently nuking it out with GDtheTrain from


      I believe that good trolls have a sense of honor. Trolling by slamming Jesus is akin to hitting below the belt in boxing... unsportsmanlike conduct!!

      I just had a very good (but short) run at as someone named "Painful"


        Trolling on the Underground is easy, but you can't troll stupidly, you have to be subtle. Look at Luke Beston and Quincy Rice :D.


          Underground has been a very tough cookie for me to crack. I guess I always go too far. Maybe they didn't like my thread about whether Royce Gracie would tap out to an anal penetration submission move?

          I have been banned three times now. The worst part of being banned in UG is all the beautiful troll threats that were created.... vanish.


            Is being a Troll a good thing??

            <img src=icon_smile_blackeye.gif border=0 align=middle> Sam


              I don't know, it just comes naturally for me. I was the guy in school that would always piss off the dumb wrestler by insulting him with words he didn't understand.


                Ruk...but you know how to escape the Underground Ban lock though do you?


                  I cleared the cookies and I'm still banned. I think those mofos banned my IP address!


                    Go to the Start menu, go to "run" and type in "winipcfg" then hit "release" and after it finishes doing that hit "renew".


                      That won't help if they banned his IP range and that is controled by his ISP. Get something like "BULLDOG" that masks your Ip or lets you give a false one.

                      PS if he is running on WinNT, 2000, or XP the command is IPCONFIG then IPCONFIG /RELEASE , IPCONFIG /RENEW. To get a new lease.

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                      RIP SOLDIER

                      Didn't anyone ever tell him a fat man could never be a ninja
                      -Gene, GODHAND

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