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All of the crazy noises people make before breaking bricks or boards.

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    Originally posted by Te No Kage!
    half making you exhale/ half psyching yourself up

    in judo, we're doing a little kiaing now when taking breakfalls, but actually it's pretty good practice to make yourself exhale when hitting the mat, helps deflate your lungs and soften the impact, if you don't it's like squashing a balloon
    I thought this would've been obvious, yet after reading many of the earlier posts, it's plain to see many people don't have a lot of ground experience. Likewise, breathing loudly enables your body to absorb a hit in the event your partner connects with you a little too hard (either standing or on the ground/mat). It's a protection mechanism.
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      grunting and breathing deaply before hand is generaly trying to oxiginate the body before a physical feat, kia is meant to help with focus and concentration... so ive been told



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