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ARGGH! West-Wind (TM) bullshido online article in women's self defense webpage!

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    ARGGH! West-Wind (TM) bullshido online article in women's self defense webpage!

    After stumbling across's self defense section while doing a Google search on "eye gouge", I found to dismay that they posted just about anything that people care to write. Check out this choice piece by The Dark Lord of the Si...uh, I mean West Wind, Scott Flint.

    A choke from behind is extremely dangerous and must be neutralized in the first few seconds. A strong man with both hands wrapped around your neck can cause terminal damage to you in one second.
    Yes, this is true. If by "strong man with both hands wrapped around your neck" we mean, "angry Marine performing a spinal destruction silent kill on you because you're actually an enemy camp guard."

    Considering that you can go for well over 1 second without oxygen or with your carotids clamped, clearly he didn't *just* mean your garden variety strong man with both hands wrapped around your neck.

    It only takes as little as five pounds of pressure per square inch to collapse your windpipe which would stop all airflow to your lungs resulting three minutes later in brain-death Only twenty-five pounds of pressure per square inch directed at the carotid arteries causes instant unconsciousness.
    Yes, only five pounds of pressure to collapse the windpipe. That's why that little kid who I throat punched back when I was in 3rd grade died. Oh, no, wait, he didn't.

    That's also why I'm dead now. All those judo RNCs killed me when they slipped on my windpipe with 5 pounds of pressure. I can only type by virtue of necromancy.

    So, a strong squeeze to the throat area can result in you passing out instantly, with a crushed windpipe you would never regain consciousness because no air could reach your lungs. It only takes one second for a crazed attacker to kill you by choking you from behind.
    Wouldn't a "crazed attacker" rather choke you from the front?

    Will the attacker have the strength to Crush your neck?

    The answer is a definite yes. An attacker who is willing to choke you from behind is telling you through body-language that he wants you dead. He hates you so much that he wants to kill you. (This of course is the most intense form of hatred).
    Fearmongering is both helpful and productive.

    Allow the thought of such an attack to make you very angry. Think how upset you get when some jerk points his middle-finger in your direction. That gesture is him saying he doesn't like you. A psycho who wraps his hands around your neck is saying he hates you. He hates you so much that he wants to kill you. He is trying to take away your most prized possession, your life. Let that thought make your blood boil, and have that response every time you think of the attack. By doing these repetitions you will condition your sub-conscious to be able to react quickly to the attack. It will keep you from freezing-up.
    Spoken like a true middle schooler.

    No technique regardless of how well put together it is, works by itself.
    Well, not the technique that you're trying to push, at least.

    This technique will only work in conjunction with your willingness to fight for your life. You must strike with all your might and with extreme hatred for what your attacker is trying to do to you.
    See? I told you he was the Dark Lord of the Sith. Turn to the dark side...give in to your hatred! Kssh! Kssh!

    The face of sheer hatred:

    Seriously, go to and read the full article. It's un-fucking-believable.
    Lone Wolf McQuade Final Fight:

    tragic - that shit will get people killed

    teaching reverse punches and deep stances in a self defence technique for women, with presumably no experience? wtf?


      that is scary.
      If you ask me, I think this is the biggest thing bullshido needs to try and get rid of.
      Mcdojo's can waste people's money.
      Bullshido like this gets people killed.


        Best Wishes,
        Scott Flint, Senior Chief Instructor
        West-Wind Self-Defense Schools
        Berkeley, California (510) 841-1427
        Yes. This man knows exactly what it's like to be a defenseless young woman getting attacked from behind.


          You could immediately make this guy look like an ass on his own forums for his apparent mixup in information.

          It takes 25 lbs of pressure to crush someones windpipe- not 5lbs.

          5lbs is how much pressure is required to collapse the caratoid arteries, not 25. This is why when people get caught in a choke that attacks both the windpipe and arteries they dont die on the mat. An example of such a choke would be the sleeve/ezekiel choke. It often attacks both, but those being choked pass out from the blood choke well before the windpipe collapses. A crushed windpipe= death.


            Well, that settles my issues about starting a woman's self-defense forum around here.
            Monkey Ninjas! Attack!


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                And you thought there was no practical application for a horse stance.




                    Originally posted by JKDChick
                    Well, that settles my issues about starting a woman's self-defense forum around here.
                    Actually, that wouldn't be a bad idea. I think that a lot of the potential market for 3-hour-seminar bullcrap would be the "women's self defense" market. Furthermore, this is the one area of bullshido that would seemingly be the most likely to get someone hurt.
                    Lone Wolf McQuade Final Fight:


                      Ninja, Please!!!!!

                      This shit is *exactly* what West Wind uses to stay alive. This fake fear bullshit. The idea that psychos are waiting around EVERY CORNER. You're so fragile and mortal that all someone needs is INTENSE HATRED to be T3H D34DLY. But in order for the student to be T3H D34DLY, they need to pay $1000 a month to learn how...

                      They are so full of shit it just lacks any sort of humor.


                        Originally posted by JKDChick
                        Well, that settles my issues about starting a woman's self-defense forum around here.
                        And another thing!

                        I think a women's self defense forum would actually be a *really* good idea. Women generally don't seem interested in MA (there's what, 4 women regular posters on bullshido?), so they like to do the little weekend seminar SD classes. I'm sure we are all aware that those are generally BS, and while maybe somewhat helpful, in the long run, I doubt it. Women are fed this idea of the lurking predator, the same shit that Flint doles out. If we could get the word out to women, that crap like that will likely get them creamed, we may be able to have an impact.

                        I just don't want women to go around believing that Flint's little twisty move will help them in a real situation. If they don't intend to stay in MA for an extended period of time, then they may not have the same "oh my god i'm training at a Mcdojo, i think I'll sign up at the BJJ school across town instead" realization that so many suckered men have after a time. If we could help influence their decision, ahead of time, then we may be able to get somewhere.

                        Me and my ideals...


                          I'm *sure* I'm going to get flamed for this, but for a woman interested in self defense, is starting out in BJJ the right way to go? Obviously you would like whatever they are studying to have some ground component, but one of my initial thoughts is that you'd like for them to have a good striking background as well, or maybe even before.

                          My wife has 0 interest in martial arts, and has no interest in carrying a gun. I have convinced her to carry one of those 3-in-1 sprays with mace, pepper and UV dye, so she has that in her purse. I don't, but I might also start carrying one of those myself at some point (no, not in a purse). It's not perfect, but every little bit helps.

                          Do you folks carry anything with you regularly to give you an edge in an altercation? Gun? Knife? Spray?
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                            BJJ is probably one of the best forms of self defense for women. Unfortunately it comes with attached with sexual awkwardness that some people just cannot seem to get around.

                            Most women are going to be outweighed, overpowered, and knocked to the ground at some point in most assaults. Im not saying they will be able to triangle any would be attacker with their leet BJJ skills. However, knowing what to do when on the bottom in a bad position and understanding the steps to improving her position while defending herself until she can get into position to flee is the strongest point BJJ can offer.

                            Nothing however will beat common sense as the best tool in self defense. Any art, BJJ included, without a healthy dose of common sense is useless.


                              Originally posted by JKDChick
                              Well, that settles my issues about starting a woman's self-defense forum around here.

                              I think it would be a good idea. You have a BJJ background with striking correct. You could debunk many of the fallacies about women and grappling vs. striking. I personally would love it, might peak my wife's intrest in MA again.



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