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    Umm, there was no Shaolin in Kempo. I studied USSD up to 3rd brown and was a paid assistant there. I dont recall there being any Shaolin in the system except for some deep stance training and seperate forms we learned that were from Shaolin Kung Fu. Very few people got to learn these forms though.

    USSD is a McDojo no doubt about that. I think they have success with it too so good for them. Only problem is that they teach pure Bullshido.

    Steve Demasco has an honorary title from the Shaolin Monks.
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      Also on that website about full squating, notice it says knee and low back problems maybe aggravated by this. Which is why Im going to keep on usung the bench as a point of reference. I just started squating again after having some back problems. Ive been deadlifting for awhile now and my back is very strong so I dont wanna hurt it again. My style of squating doesnt aggravate my back and its better then no squatting or leg press.
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        Originally posted by Namrepus221
        ok my friend claims to study Martial arts and well frankly I think he's at a McDojo. But he's not really willing to admit it and that he is not and he is learning from legit instructors, blah blah blah

        Basically the only information he will give me is it's a school run by the USSD somewhere near Thousand Oaks Ca.

        Also he says he's tried to find any and all flaws in the art/teaching of his school and can't find them. Well frankly I don't mean to rain on his parade but I trust you guys more than I trust myself in researching details about this stuff.

        I really don't want to hurt the kid either (He's about 4 years younger than I am) should his stuff be found to be nothing but a glorfied Shaolin-do school.

        I'm not trying to hurt him or anything. I'm just really weary about these types of martial arts schools and people I consider my friends.

        (And yes I have searched the message boards for these but there were so many pages that didnt' have the information I was looking for directly. Mainly the History of the Shaolin-do thing that is over 10 pages of information and I don't know which page to look on.)

        Thank you in advance for your help

        Hi there, I know this was posted a long time ago. Does your friend still go to that dojo? I am very familiar with it. It is a very good USSD. The chief instructors know their stuff, and have close to (if not more than) 30 years of combined experience. I know there is a lot of USSD bashing on the boards. But this school is run well. The instructors are both great martial artists and instructors - those are two things that don't always come hand in hand.


        Big Kiai


          Originally posted by eyebeams
          USSD is an offshoot of Villari Shaolin Kenpo, which is in itself an offshoot of Kajukenbo. School quality is, according to what I've read, pretty scattershot, with some franchises started by folks with no experience in the art and some that are fairly solid.
          WOAH there turbo! Where did you hear that Villari's kenpo is an offshoot of kajukenbo? Check your sources because i find that HIGHLY suspect.


            Originally posted by Das Moose
            Whats with all the people on the site recently who have never actually trained martial arts yet are a) posting on here and b) talking to other people as if they have some kind of knowledge even though they don't train?
            they took lessons from Angry Spastic.


              Whatever this shit is, the flaws in your friend's system will become apparent when he turns up to a judo or BJJ class. Untill he's done that he hasn't really "tried to find flaws".


                Not to be too cruel, but they suck!

                ussd, from what I've experienced they charge way too much, they promote you if you pay, they take a lifetime to show you anything useful.

                I was invited to check out a couple schools. Sad to say their students were less than capable. The only ones that could do anything decent were practitioners of 6 or more years. McDojo to say the least!

                If camaraderie, culture, and exercise is what you're looking for than that's a great place to spend your $$, but if you're wanting to learn a fully functioning system that will produce results on the street without wasting years on your life, go somewhere else.



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