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How have Movies/TV effected Martial arts.

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    but not to the degree of the ufc. Also the ufc has rules, that means no weapons. If look at any recent kung fu movie, like Kiss of the dragon, Jet Li spent most of the time wishing he had a gun, remeber that Locker? Even Bruce Lee thought that guns would work better then fighting hand to hand.
    In enter the dragon they even had a reason there were no guns, the guy who owned the island didn't feel comfortable around them, thats why all the guards had sticks and why bruce lee couldn't bring a gun.

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      "I moved on to ask them what they thought about martial arts in general asking people questions like what martial art do you think is the strongest.

      I got a lot of Kung fu and Karate as the answer."

      strongest? who cares?
      too bad what the general public thinks, i think that working hard myself will make me better

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        How often to do you train to stab things with a pen?


          How often do you need to?

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