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When your Master is an actual Beast

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    When your Master is an actual Beast

    Honorary Animal Instructors
    In some martial arts you can be given a rank for nothing at all; some ranks are given as 'honorary' for purposes of publicity, friendship, or simply because the instructor wants to make a few extra bucks. Ranks can even be bought and sold on E-bay these days.

    As some may agree, a lot of companion animals are more reliable than human beings. Hence: we present

    The World's first Honorary Animal Instructors.


    Winnie (right) is the director of canine training and tricks for our dojo.

    She is a good girl, speaks four languages and specializes in running for, and retrieving, the hanbo (three foot stick).

    She is also the true master of Black Bear Society, having learned the 'Find the Hidden Sock Game' perfectly.

    Lion, Hippo, and Piglet

    Piglet (white) demonstrates the art of Irimi (entering).

    Lion (orange) and Hippo (gray) nap unassumingly in the background.

    well my black cat is a born ninja.... I wonder if that counts for anything?


      That reminds me, I downloaded a movie file a long time ago about a chimpanzee that practices karate and breaks boards. Swear to god

      Has anyone else seen that vid?


        You mean this?

        This chimp deserves a golden banana. Now all we need is the ninja chimp.


          THAT'S THE ONE!


            That's so sweet I'm gonna barf. :toothy4: :new_rainf :toothy4:

            I'm also assuming it's a joke. there's so much wack shit out there, I don't even know anymore...


              Yes it's a joke, but sadly (just as Jim Carrey's karate sketch from In Living Color) strikes close to truth. The bulk of karatekas are monkeys who stand in line performing techniques in the air like robots - or monkeys.


                The satire on the ranking system would be considerably more brilliant if the actual lessons didn't smack of bullshit.


                  That initial post was great. And painfully cute.

                  Now, people who put sweaters on their dogs are pretty wacked, but the owner of these poor animals seriously needs to get knocked up.


                    Originally posted by TekkaMaki
                    the owner of these poor animals seriously needs to get knocked up.

                    I'll bet. She's(assuming the WM's female) starting to see her animals as her kids then she REALLY needs to do a little "family planning"



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