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    I know somewhat what to look out for like crazy lineages that involve martians and Native Mayans
    that could throw lightening

    and i have emailed the owner and told him my name my interest in watching a class my main reason for training for full contact fighting and that i look forward to his reply


      Even if they are bullshido you're no wasting too much money at $35/month.
      Who, for Pete’s sake! Is opposing science? In fact, we want MORE science by CRITICALLY ANALIZING the evidence-Connie Morris, Kansas State BOE (bolding and underlining part of original quote, red is my emphasis)

      As long as you try to treat your subjective experiences as if they were objective experiences, you will continue to be confounded by people who disagree with you.-some guy on an internet messageboard


        Nice guy

        He said that if i was looking for full contact fighting that his program might not be for me however he would help me in finding a coach that can train me for fighting.


          Wow, that's pretty cool. Even if you don't get to do full contact, you might be able to learn some basics from the guy.



            And from the limited info we see he seemed to be willing to help you find someone.

            I'd go check him out and see what he's got to offer. Even if it's just some info.


              hey i live in satellite beach, im also looking for a gym/school around here to fight at. i just moved from orlando area and trained at marcio simas brazillian jiu jitsu up there. anyway my email address is [email protected] email me and we can get together and spar if you can find a place with mats. i trained in vale tudo and BJJ so all i really know is full contact fighting. anyway contact me, ill keep searching. thanx

              -mike D


                unfortunately, i know where cocoa is in florida. not much there. you know what you should do.....rumor has it that the colleges there might be offering classes. depending on how old you are, try that. a little training is better than none. maybe you'll find a good instructor.

                ashida kim is a couple miles from there whatever you do DO NOT TRAIN with him. it is a crock. it is true bullshido.



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