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Sacramento Judo Club?

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    Sacramento Judo Club?

    Apologies if this is already a post, but I couldn't find anything via 'Search...', so here goes:

    I may have found a group to train with in Sacramento that befits my current status as a poor college student (well, a miserly college student). There's a non-profit Judo club in Sacramento, website here, and they seem decent. You have to purchase a membership to the USJF (US Judo Federation), and buy a judogi (total cost between the two is about $85), but otherwise it's run by voulenteers.

    They do ask for some help keeping the thing going, which is fine; part of being in an organization like this is having to help out, and I'd happily voulenteer to do some computer/web type stuff for them or give them hosting on my server, although I'll make sure this doesn't degenerate into a 'fix my house for free' sort of deal. *grin*

    They seem legit; I've seen some tournament results with them listed, and the guy who runs the club made the following statement, which warmed my heart: 'We tell the unstoppable fighters to go someplace else. We are about the amateur sport and traditional Kodokan judo. '

    Anyway, anyone here have any experience with these guys?

    A friend of mine actually trains there. He says its a good place to train Judo. I am thinking of paying them a visit myself here as soon as I get some more time. I am swamped between BJJ, work, and school.



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