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Qigong Demonstration in Singapore

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    Qigong Demonstration in Singapore

    This was taken some time late last year at one of the housing estate centrals here in Singapore. Was pretty suprised to see such a performance at this day and age. Anyway, this Qigong master was demonstrating his stuff and selling his Tie Da You (the oil you put on your limbs when doing conditioning) and some other Chinese medication.

    Here are the videos:

    Breaking a brick"

    Ge Shan Da Niu - breaking a coconut through another coconut (this one doesn't break):

    Using the Crane fist to break a bottle that's laid down horizontally- this was the 3rd attempt:

    Here he breaks a chopstick in two with a receipt. This was a prelude to him slicing the neck of a bottle with a 10 dollar note but he goes on to sell some other stuff and forgets to:

    I apologise for the quality of the videos - damn mobile phone camera.

    As for what I think of the videos. The shit seemed pretty real and I'm willing to believe it works but again, it's not gonna work in a fight. As you can see from the vid, it takes quite awhile to apparently "gather the Qi." I was right in front and the bricks, bottle and chopsticks were real. I inspected some of them. =)

    I've seen David Copperfield perform, that seemed pretty real to me too!

    Hey, I've got some beachfront property in Kenya I'm selling for a friend...real cheap!



      Well... the breaking was real as far as I could tell. Hell, in Kyokushin we break stuff all the time as well.



        l just happened to be looking for something else. l took a look at the videos not bad for a phone. when l was younger we used to fool around doing stuff like that. we had a teacher who did it close to our area. his favourite was to drill a hole in a fired red brick with his finger or break a stack with no space beteween. then we found some hed used and discovered so could we , they were treated with a acid to make them soft and left to dry. he taught fut gar if l remember right hes long dead now but it got away with it for years. l used to do a break with a board 1inch by 12 by 12. but l told them it was a trick . l just didnt tell them how. it was done without me touching it. l would wave my hand in front and poof . but it is a trick. chi means the same as hey which means breath. chi gong means working with your breath same as hey gong . l have seen lots of performances over the years . hes a good showman though . lots of hand waving noise ect. snake oil salesmen used to do this in the old west. when you do a form its the same and if you work hard you maybe will develop something usefull like ging.


          Amazing breaking demos aren't new or even hard. Bricks will eventually break even if reinforced.

          Master Rhee (UK ITF) makes bricks look easy peasy just check out google.

          I thought all the screaming your guy was doing was shite though.


            Yeah... it was pretty funny when he went an octave or two higher.

            Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool cause it was like a roadside demo and all. You know - like the shit you see in the kung fu movies.


              Cyril the street performer has better tricks. They guy can heat up a cup of noodles while you hold it in your hand.


                Man, that would come in really handy late at night in the dorm.


                  Woah, this is lucky, didn't think I'd find a fellow Singaporean here! I tried sending a PM or mail but didn't work... send me a msg thru email if you read this yeah? We can exchange training tips sometime; and I'd like to learn mroe about the local Kyokushinkai chapter. Hear from ya!


                    Hmm... somehow or rather, you don't seem to have private messaging rights. I couldn't find your email address as well.

                    Ah well... drop me an email at [email protected]

                    Btw, liuzg150181 and junglemania are from Singapore as well.


                      so many singaporeans... i'm having gunbound flashbacks already...



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