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For Clockwork; striking MA in Charleston SC

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    For Clockwork; striking MA in Charleston SC

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    Always cool when sending PMs... :eusa_doh:

    Originally posted by clockwork
    Saw your thread a while back and am a recent relocatee, I was wondering if you had any success finding a decent place in the area for muay thai or any other martial art that includes impact ? (I have a semi-serious disdain for the dance/aerobics class's that pass for martial arts)
    Sorry man no such luck. There's a few half-decent karate places, other than that - not-so-much for striking unless you want TKD. Akido is beyond popular around here. You couldn't pay me to do another boring-ass kata so I skipped the karate but i have friends that go and say good things. And show occasional scars and assorted bruises from sparring.

    There's at least one BJJ guy (name brand non-purple belt) and a nice judo club though. What you might do is check out the boxing place on folly rd. It's called hurricane boxing club and it's run by a guy that supposedly knows what's what. I got this on it: and can't wait to heal up and give it a look.

    If you check it out or find another place, feel free to drop me a line.
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