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aaaaaaaargggggghhhhh h there is no hope!

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    aaaaaaaargggggghhhhh h there is no hope!

    what the fucking fucking fuck?

    i swear to god, the only people (reasonably) sane are on this website.

    i give you an entire website of crap...

    may i introduce you to katana (the latest fitness craze) or tai chi fit (WTF?) or kickboxing and self defence in a day...

    oh yes, you can learn the ancient arts of tai chi and yoga combined in a weekend. and then go teach them. fantastic.

    i just feel sorry for the people who get taught by all the 'one day' instructors (apparently 309 on the self defence course! they are out there people!).

    sorry. needed to vent.

    The only reason I bothered reading this was because of the title.

    Yeah, those guys almost type like Djimbe. "Fox Fitness Provides Unbeatable and Powerful Fitness Career Opportunities and Career Boosting Fitness Courses for Individuals, Gyms and Health Clubs throughout the UK and the World."

    Random capitalization, :mumum:
    DIDN'T YOU KNOW?! The Chinese know everything! And they knew it 4,000 years before YOU did!

    "Yes. Yes I am. I'm clearly illiterate and dictating this post to a squadron of several dozen trained jumping beans I've coearced into living on my keyboard, each named after a letter or character, which bounce up and down as I call their names." -JohnnyCache



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