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Alter7nate defeats Ruk, going for the World Cup

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    Alter7nate defeats Ruk, going for the World Cup

    Alter7nate defeats Ruk!

    Alter7nate though not in his prime anymore still was able to defeat ADCC's greatest modern troll : Ruk.

    Ruk launched spamming techniques...But this didn't move Alter7nate at all, Ruk attempted to fake AIDS but Alter7nate already accomplished himself with Nervous Breaking down.

    Ruk AKA Helio was losing but saw the chance to act like he's all special when forum members told him to give up his match with Alter7nate AKA Kimura, Ruk told them that he was invited here.........what's so special about that? Alter7nate was also invited here by Peedeeshaolin, Peedeeshaolin once fought Alter7nate back in the Ninjitsu Era and learned that by resisting will lose. Peedeeshaolin tapped out several times...and now represents the Alter7nate Style.

    Alter7nate attacked using smooth flowing techniques while Ruk attacked from all positions like Sakuraba...

    Alter7nate outlasted Ruk...Alter7nate's crazy combo style writing wasn't very effective this time due to the limited energy level...but he didn't need that, he simply outlasted Ruk.

    Alter7nate will be going for the Troll World Cup, who shall he challenge next? Give him a forum, Troll Kingdom?

    He also wants to earn the title of World Troll International InterTopic Champion...Shall he attack some Interracial Dating forum?

    Edited by - Alter7nate on July 16 2002 09:57:13

    But Ruk is still going strong on ADCC, whereas Alter7nate is having his new troll accounts banned left and right.

    Plus, Ruk's new crusade against racism in the Gracie family is taking the MA forum world by storm. You simply cannot and will not top this crusade!


      My Crusade against Gracism was unsurprassed....still is unsurprassed...........

      Alter7nate emerge victorious in every ban they have ever put on him....he is honared by all the bans, took his bans like a full grown man

      If Ruk is so bad why don't he have any Cartoons? Or his own website? Why isn't his techniques on the front page of McDojo?


        I would like to see ruk and alter7nate fight it out on one of the forums I suggested in my other post. For the gold.


          Ruk hasn't agreed to the match's still just a rumor


            If we are to fight, you must agree to my rules. That is the Gracie Challenge!


              I accept the match under Vale Tudo rules only....but if you get ban then you lose

              Edited by - Alter7nate on July 17 2002 13:17:01


                No. I say, no judges. We must keep going until one person is banned. You also have to make at least 15 posts a day or you're dq'ed, and some other rules I must consider.


                  Sounds cool. Try it over at Sherdog's.


                    sounds more like a lovers quaral to me, reminds me a a gay soap opera!!!!!!1


                      What if you're banned...? You win or lose?

                      What abput I'm strong over there already...

                      GenkiSudo shut the fuck up


                        If you're banned... you lose.

                        Make this happen fella's! I wanna know when and where. I'll definately make time to see this epic battle.


                          hi alter7nate, it is quite odd, but weren't u the one on that said u were done with all the forums since u need to rest and stuff, from ur countless hrs off stay up and masterbating infront of the computer. I believe the world was a better place with u gone.

                          Anyways, have a good day and may all ur dreams come true




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