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Ruk, Alter7nate, new idea

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    Ruk, Alter7nate, new idea

    Guys, I messed up by having you two here to fight the troll battle of the century. McDojo is not the place for this fight to take place because of a few factors.
    1) Everyone here knows who you are
    2) it fucks up one of the only decent forums
    3) there is no room to troll here, we are too savy to be submitted here by you two

    That is why I suggest that this contest be settled on a neutral forum. One that has lots of people, people who have never dealt with a super troll. I have come up with some tentative rules:
    1) the competition will last for two weeks
    2) it will be decided by a vote here to see who was better
    3) the winning troll will have disrupted and generally brought more chaos to the unsuspecting forum.
    4) if you get banned then you lose, it has to be a balancing act, because a good troll can keep from getting banned

    Now obviously we need a forum that has felt the wrath of neither of you. Preferably a MA forum of some sort. But none of the main ones. I mean it would be funny to see you two tear apart a housewives forum but I think you aren't really in shape for that kind of a fight right now. Forum options:

    Just some possibilities. Give me your feedback on both the competition idea and the websites. What website deserves to get thuroughly wrecked?

    Sounds like a good idea to me.


      I'll wait for Ruk to pick a forum...



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