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    Australian Karate Dojos....

    Hi All,

    I'm going to be traveling to Australia for work in the next couple of weeks and wanted to know if anyone would recommend a solid Karate Dojo out there. I'll be in Artarmon outside of Sydney. Just really need a place to train while I am away on business.

    Kind regards,


    No idea. If you get no replies, your best bet might be to buy a copy of "Blitz" magazine and look in the club directory in the back or check out the Yellow Pages.


      What style do you currently train in, it would make it easier to know what to look for?

      I havn't personally trained at any Dojo in Sydney but I found a few web pages for you:

      Kyokushin karate
      Aust wide various styles Dojo listing
      Blitz MA Magazine Karate listings

      As I have never trained at any of these Dojo's I can't give you any realiable info on them. Maybe a few of the Sydney members will add their 2 cents worth.

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