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    Take Him Out

    Why don't some of you young bucks take this guy's challenge:

    "Master Qian Zhao Hong is one of the best Xing Yi fighters in China: member of Shanghai Wu Shu Association, Vice Chairman of Institute of Shanghai Pa-Kua, Vice Chairman of Institute of Shanghai Wu Dong Qigong, and Highest level- Ninth Generation of Xin Yi Liu He Quan (10 Animal Xing Yi). He has defeated more than 50 masters, earning his nickname "Chainsaw."
    His specialty is wild ring fighting. He has a strong presence/electric field around him. He is a legendary fighter. Every inch he moves and every point on his body is a fist attacking you, every time. When he was young, if his defense touched your arm, your arm would break, his kick would break your leg. If his finger touched your body, you go to hospital. He is the most respected and undefeated master. He welcomes any challenge to fight from anyone. If you can beat him, your camp will be free. He will teach Xing Yi 10 Animal basics, internal art, hip loose/open, Xing Yi form and fighting principles, and Wu Dong Qigong."

    How's your chi!!

    ??????????? Link?


      Dude, if this guy poked you in the navel, you'd fully convulse and break your spine man.

      And that's just when he was younger! Imagine how awesome his fingertips must be when he's like, 80!
      Rad ki was made up by adolescents. I do not know who created trad ki but it was not made by adolescents. your an ass dude, Im not being a little bitch you are, your past the level of a bitch. Your beyond Bitch! If im easting my time with ki and psi, then your wasting time to prove frauds, and all shit like that! -theoutsider

      Kick boxing is ok, but don't expect do beat a man like Rickson Gracie with that. You need a real martial art. You need Xing Yi Quan. -Emptyflower

      The splits, how ever, have a few martial uses. Doing the splits for me, can put my fists in testical strike range.

      dont ignore the Art for the Martial or else your just kick boxing

      Yes i am serious, there are kicks that can block punches. we have them in Moo duk kwan.
      I want to learn how to use them in case my arm gets broken in a fight.
      what would you have me do? if my arm gets broke, not block punches? -sempi-stone



        Oct 2004 issue has a description.


          i wish it were true ... it would gimme a reason to take tai chi again ...
          totoro-san ... world sushi munching champion ...


            Why would I want to challenge him?
            Did he talk sh*t about my teacher?
            Has he dishonored my family?


            btw - my teacher can still kick my a$$. . .no outside challenges for me, yet.


              Don't fuck with anyone nicknamed Chainsaw.



                Already discussed and settled from what I read.....


                  its not the electric field you have to worry about, its the strong magnetic field. you must be careful, guns are useless in such an environment. you all saw X-men..... :spanky:

                  He was punching him like the collective karmic debt he'd accrued was coming to collections, mostly on his face.


                    "If you can beat him, your camp will be free. He will teach Xing Yi 10 Animal basics..."

                    If someone beats him, I don't think he would be interested in learning animal basics from the quack. It would be interesting to issue a challenge though, and then see what kind of excuses they come up with to avoid humiliation.


                      So, how would one go about challenging him? Does he have a contact address or something?
                      Lone Wolf McQuade Final Fight:



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