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    ATTN: Ruk

    It's the quality that counts...not the quantity of your troll threads.

    I am an expert at flamming....but come on man, you got to come up with a balanced smooth flowing well written mixed subject thread on a topic or multi-topic.

    For example...I go from JKD concepts which transition smoothly into MMA and how MMA can help your social life thus revealing the philosophy of Jigoro Kano. Then it goes on to how Kano's ideas can help depressed kids gain confidence...then how a powerful herb formula can gradually heal depression and other nervous damage including Impotency, YES I did say HEAL Impotency! For those people who smoke weed and masturbate 5 times a day since 7 year old....and got their nervous system exuasted, or those people that's 50 years old...etc.

    Then we can relate the Martial arts with mental sports like Chess and Checkers..........and then to Drawings.......then stories of how I loss to the Drawing Master Sao and later to the Drawing GrandMaster Chia Lee....the we can talk about where I was defeated at the time.

    Then we started talking about the Young Art Teacher, a Legend of the last Era.......who is Andrea Place. Then we can go on to similar Greats of the Teachers section. Now we can cross over Eras...and started talking about all the Eras I was in....and on and on.

    No I'm not the Rickson Gracie of the Troll World...I'm more like the Kimura of the Troll World.

    Edited by - Alter7nate on July 14 2002 11:36:32

    Get a fucking job. Please.



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