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So I checked the classes out..

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    So I checked the classes out..

    Hey yall, thanks for your advice on my previous thread.

    I went early yesterday to check out three of the classes. I watched Sin Moo Hapkido and Aikido. The Hapkido looked very bullshido-esque. When I walked into the room, I was treated to the sight of people paired off in practice. One held a pad thing hanging by their leg, and the other would try to do an instep kick while moving forward. Looked kind of iffy to me.

    Aikido was like how I remembered. Nothing too bad or good in this class. At this point I pretty much watched the men's volleyball team downstairs.

    After this was Judo. This was the class I participated in. My legs and arms are thanking me right now. It was probably one of the best first classes I've had in any martial art. Unfortunately, the class was only an hour long (but the instructor hinted that soon we'd be able to extend it). The first thirty minutes or so was warming up, stretching, rolls, and breakfalls. Many of us were pretty raw to the whole grappling concept, so some of the rolls and breakfalls ended up looking pretty interesting.

    The rest of the time we spent on basic hip throws. Since it was our first class, we didn't actually throw our partner, but got them in a lifted position. About half the class didn't have gis, so that made it a bit more tricky. I found out I have to bend my legs a whole lot more if I want to get under someone in a hip throw due to my height. Ah well, just need some practice.

    Overall, it was definitely worthwhile to check out. I am most certainly going back this Thursday and Friday, and am going to order or buy a gi somewhere. Thanks for your suggestions, everyone! I think I found a keeper.

    Judo is a great sport, and I hope you enjoy yourself.

    You might be able to get a good deal on a gi if you order it through your instructor, or a third party judo club. Often times manufacturers give them special rates.
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        I took Hapkido as a college elective. Turned out that the class sorta sucked but my instructor was the fuckin bomb. He turned me on to Judo and Aikijutsu. Also introduced me to my boxing coach. And peaked my interest in Ashihara/Enshin karate.

        What Im saying is don't always judge a book by its cover.


          Gald you actually went out and did something for yourself.
          Don't you feel better?
          And Judo, while a good and worthwhile martial art, is also great as a base art, in case you later want to explore other ma's.
          And, yeah, ask the instructor about getting a gi from them.

          Good luck!