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Black Belt by the Time He is Six!

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    Black Belt by the Time He is Six!


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    He actually looks pretty mean.


      So they're saying that he has the skill to represent their school efficiently at his level and age? Sounds pretty absurd to me.


        For his age? There might not be a four year old on the planet that can kick his ass.
        The problem is, my youngest son, who showed this to me, is 11 years old. He said, "Dad, I bet this kid could beat you up. He's a Brown Belt." I didn't read the article yet, I saw the picture and rolled my eyes. At that point, I had to explain McDojoism to him. I told him that a 9 year old McDojo Black Belt stood no chance against a adult attacker. In fact, the same page had a short article about Michelle Kwan, the figure skater, and I told my son that this kid couldn't beat her up. "Dad, actually he is a Brown Belt and he is only 4 years old." FOUR! FOUR!!!! Holy Crap! "But dad, It says that he DEFEATS teenagers in competitions." Then I had to explain katas to him. People who don't know might jump to the same conclusion as my son. He read this and thought, Brown Belt = Bad Ass. He actually imagined this 4 year old in the ring knocking full grown TRAINED 17 year old boys out.
        The other reason I wanted to explain all of this is because he has just spent 13 months drilling in the very basics and tested last night for his yellow belt. I didn't want him to think, "This sucks, if I went there I would already be Brown." I know that it seems boring to my kids spending all this time drilling in this basic techniques before moving onto the next level (No fancy kata, no 3 month belt advancement) but I know that if they stick with it, WOW, how much better they will be when they do move up to the adult classes.

        Technically, the kids class at my school is not any one art. The owner combines all the arts he teaches so they get a taste of everything. The belts and stripes are just used to keep them motivated, but he won't hand them out like candy.

        Also, by very basics, I mean Cross, Side Kick (Step into it), Round Kick, basic Elbow Strike, basic Knee Strike, Foot Jab, some various foot work drills, ebes, Forward and Backward rolls, and some basic escapes (Bridge and Roll out of Side Control and the mount, how to react to someone grabbing around your neck while your standing.) Also, he had to give a basic definition of Muay Thai, Jun Fan Gung Fu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Kali.


          4 year old brown belts are, of course, ridiculous in any realistic sense (i.e., effective against an adult, or even a teenager - well beyond the realms of probability). However, at least it sounds like Markus trains hard (well, regularly anyway):

          Originally posted by timeforkids
          These days, Markus attends tae kwon do classes six days a week with older kids and teenagers.
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            This kind of crap makes me sick.

            I'm sure however, that this kid has a bright future in XMA.



              whatever, you all know you'd need a change of pants if you met Marcus in the alley behind kindercare...

              He was punching him like the collective karmic debt he'd accrued was coming to collections, mostly on his face.


                Someone should ask the school if they feel dirty for promoting children to the level of Master.


                  Originally posted by kendamu
                  So they're saying that he has the skill to represent their school efficiently at his level and age? Sounds pretty absurd to me.

                  I think that's exactly what they're saying, that a four year old brown belt is a perfect representative of their school.

                  I've seen a few wonderkids in my martial arts career, but none who have really earned a brown belt prior to about age 11. It sounds like this kid may be one of them.


                    I just found an earlier thread by PizDoff about this kid. I didn't mean to copy him. My son brought this to my attention and I hadn't heard of it yet. Actually, in PizDoff original article, this kid was only a pitiful 3 year old with a blue belt.


                      The worst part is that he takes his training more seriously than most of the members of Bullshido.


                        This made me wonder a bit.

                        This MIGHT have been brought up many times before. But I am a relative newbie here so cut me some slack.

                        But in the OLD OLD OLD days. You know, maybe the 1950's or *gasp* back in the 1800's do you think that martial arts practitioners berated other practitioners TO THE DEGREE WE DO TODAY way back then? I mean do you think people went around handing out belts/certificates for minimal effort, and was there reprisal from the martial arts community as a whole?

                        And of course this article does make me think. The kid has been training for 4 years. And honestly I have seen black belts promoted in less time. Is it his age or his ability to defend himself against a 'fully grown man' what we frown on here? I mean 4 years is actually a long time as most martial arts practitioners go. I'm certainly not saying that getting that belt at his age is 'right', Im simply questioning our standards.


                          It really dpends on what the belt represents. 4 years for a BB in TKD is a little longer than average in my experience, but to put it on his waist and represent him as pwning larger, stronger opponents leads to misconceptions like KPs kid had.
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                          "No surprise. Until Aikido sheds its street-brawling, thuggish image, it'll never be mainstream."
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                            As opposed to putting that same 3 year TKD black belt on an 18 year old and watching him get his ass handed to him by a larger, stronger fully grown man?

                            What Im saying is its all relative.


                              The worst part is that he takes his training more seriously than most of the members of Bullshido.
                              He doesn't have bills to pay or a wife to keep happy, and he's never tasted beer.

                              This kid getting a blackbelt is pure McDojo, but it doesn't mean he won't grow up to be a competitor. Ernie Reyes Jr was one of these McDojo blackbelts, but he can hold his own.
                              "Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." Voltaire.



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