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Lovato's, Oklahoma?

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    Lovato's, Oklahoma?

    Anybody here had any experience with Lovato's BJJ, in Oklahoma City? ( )

    Talked to one person who knew them, I was wondering if anybody else has any experience with them? Visiting a school down there, and I want to get a feel for the whole area, and what could influence my choice between several comparable schools. So, I'm trying out everything about the city while I'm down there.

    Massachusetts vs. Oklahoma vs. California?
    You're just JEALOUS!



      You moved out of Washington or something?

      California wins. Except for the earthquakes. But, you should be used to them by now. ;)



        You morons. I don't care where you think I should go to school, that's what I'm trying to figure out.

        PL - no, babe, I'm just making sure I get pretty far removed from here when I go to college.

        At the moment, Oklahoma is winning, which is why I'm making another trip down there, but this time on my own. Mwahaha. Means no rental car, but it's mostly worth it. Also, it's why I can't make the throwdown next weekend. Sad times.

        I'm derailing my own thread.

        I hope somebody can tell me something about Lovato's.
        You're just JEALOUS!


          I'm stuck here for college. Living with my parents makes me a total loser, but I can train in BJJ instead of paying for rent and food. Let's face it, even if I wasn't living with my parents, I'd still be a total loser. :(



            From, results from the machado tournament

            Womens' Divisions:
            White belt lightweights:
            1.) Linda Tenberg
            2.) Eileen Weinraren
            3.) Bethany McKee

            White belt middle/cruiser/heavy:
            1.) Charlotte Lenssen (Solis MA)
            2.) Sophia ? (Lovatos)
            3.) Raven (Martinez?) (Lovatos)

            Blue belt: 1.) Kristine Felts (Lutter) 2.) Jessica McKendree (Corkrans) 3.) Jessica Chouy (maybe from Vandry's?)
            Open: 1.) Janet Donahue, purple from Vasquez Academy, 2.) Joi Shahan, white from NDBJJ

            So they have at least 1 girl.


              All I know is Rafael Lovato Jr. was/is the youngest American black belt. He got his black belt at 21.


                My only experience with Lovato's was a tournament I did about two years ago in OKC. We did our weigh-in's at the school, then we competed at, of all places, the basement of a Baptist church. It was a pretty big church, though, so lots of room for the mats. My impressions:

                1) The owner, Lovato Sr., seemed like a really nice guy, treated our team pretty well, especially since we didn't have any BJJ affiliation. He was very mellow during the entire tourney, made sure everything was running smooth, an excellent host in my opinion.

                2) The school was fairly large, lots of equipment for striking as well as grappling training. Quite a few of his students trained for local MMA pro and semi-pro tournaments, so there was a pretty healthy balance of grappling vs. striking. I rolled against a couple of the Lovato students at the tournament, they definitely have some skill.

                3) Yes, Lovato Jr. is a grappling monster. He was still a brown belt two years ago, but you could already tell that he was going to be a dominating BJJ black belt when he got older.

                Overall, I would probably recommend Lovato's based on the small exposure I had to the place. Hopefully, someone from OKC can give a better description of current operations there.
                "I had once talked to Billy Conn, the boxer, about professionals versus amateurs - specifically street fighters. One had always heard rumors of champions being taken out by back-alley fighters. Conn was scornful. "Aw, it's like hitting a girl," he said. "They're nothing."

                - George Plimpton
                "Shadow Box"


                  Will be headed to his tourney in OKC March 5. Coach doesn't like him, apparently very few people who leave Lavatos as a senior student interested in teaching do so happily- one of the reasons there are few BJJ schools in OK. However any personal problems aside, my coach will be the first to tell you that training at Lavato's gym will make your grappling much, much better.

                  Lavato's coaches- not sure whether he was amongst them or not- were not calm at the tournament in Dallas two weeks ago, but that's another story.

                  And yes, Jr. is a badass.

                  Personally, I'd pick Mass but then I've never been to Cali. Who knows, might like it more out there. OK is just fine though, I've lived in worse places.
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                    Well, if your coming to OKC, your options are limited. If you want BJJ, and you live here, you go to Lavatos.



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