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Check these pics out..

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    Check these pics out..

    Look out!

    More here...



    Wth is he doing? that a block?



      Looks like they teach dancing too.

      Look who's in the poster...

      Check that girl in the middle...


        I assume this is TKD.. why not put them in the pics of disaster thread?


          yep, these are children.
          Contrary to many of their peers, they are not overweight.
          They will learn about the value of their black belt soon.

          Why don't you post a picture of yourself, maybe we can spot the differences?



            That's me, ya I'm skinny. But the reason I have shirt off is that is because I take pictures of myself everynow and then after lifting to see how much (if any) I've progressed. I am NOT showing off, because there is nothing to show off. But you wanted a pic and I assumed that you assumed that I was fat. Nope, I'm a skinny bastard.


              didn't think at all that you were fat.
              sorry for misunderstanding.

              I much rather wanted to see wether you would put a picture up at all, since it's very easy to critcise other people on the internet. I didn't think you would, so you gained my respect.

              With regards to these kids- Their coach needs to be asked what's going on with all those black belts. But nowadays you really need to be grateful if you see the kids who do any kind of sport ! I am not kidding, in my daytime job as a physician as well as a judo coach I do see so many fat kids who can not even do the simplest of exercises.
              For example - running backwards or a forward roll.
              I used to coach kids with the idea in mind to find a new olympic champion.
              I am far away from that idea.
              The most important aspect in my judo clases now is, that the young children enjoy movement and exercise.
              This changes, once they are teenagers, but there you go.

              We recently had a japanese highschool here as guests over christmas.
              They were 13- 15 years old and were all black belts.

              Finally - the coach on the pics looks like a bullshit artist.


                Why are the belts so damn long?



                  hmm, maybe because their legs are so short.

                  They seem to put the belt only once around their hip, rather than twice.

                  Myabe local custom.


                    Originally posted by The Coach

                    Looks like they teach dancing too.
                    The hell is going on?
                    And what the hell is the point of this thread.
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                      Becaus they dun come in XXSes?


                        PHP Code:
                        And what the hell is the point of this thread 
                        The point is that I try to get people to post pictures without their gear on.
                        To than get aroused.

                        OOPs , did I say that loud ?


                          Little green belt is obviously demon possessed....
                          I didn't know Jeff Foxworthy was a BB....
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                            Originally posted by PizDoff
                            The hell is going on?
                            And what the hell is the point of this thread.
                            Setup for the Stone Cold Stunner. You don't recognize it?



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