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    I won't comment as the videos speak for themselves.

    Yes, it's John Perkins' Attackproof system.

    I don't think these videos have been posted here before.


    [fixed the link]
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    The site seems to be down. The webmaster probably was breathing incorrectly or wasn't in a deep enough stance.


      I need to find The Rumber Room again.


        I posted the videos somewhere and ripped them but good. They're on my computer at home and will go up somewhere online this weekend if nychipower does not enter the Yang phase of sinewave uptime.

        - Edit -

        My play-by-play:

        Contact flow
        Really, really bad Wing Chun. Wing Chun vs. Kyokushin clip bad. Two five year-old girls slapping each other over a Barbie bad. Frequently stand on one leg with your other one suspended uselessly behind you, and don't forget to turn your back to the attacker when the opportunity presents itself.

        Elevator attack
        Slap the shit out of one of your students while being bigger than him. Assuming the potential rapist is a small white guy and you're a large black man skilled in Cat Fight of Death, this will work marvelously.

        Falling on the ground
        Go down first so you can prepare to grip the groin and eyes? Right. Add the classic "guillotine the shooter and twist his neck/jaw" and you're set... to get dumped on your brain.

        Grappling vs. Knife in an Elevator
        LOL rush the big black guy with a knife! Fools, the real KCD defense is to have your video corrupt and crash Media Player!

        Grappling vs. KCD
        KCD will easily best the only man more morbidly obese than John Perkins himself. Also, real grapplers shoot for your upper chest and/or try to throw you by running forward with underhooks, instead of applying o-soto gari, kouchi/ouchi gari, tai otoshi, kosoto gake, ura nage, o-fucking-goshi or any real takedown.

        KCD vs. Two attackers in an elevator
        You'll come out of the fight unscathed because real attackers never try to strike. Your slapping will easily deter their attempts to hug you and cry on your shoulder.
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        Originally posted by The Wastrel
        I think the forum's traditionally light-handed approach to moderation has become untenable.


          I'm not having any issues getting them to work. I just tested it.

          I love these videos!

          [note: I did notice at home my earthlink toolbar's "Scamblocker" kept me from accessing the site. Maybe it's telling me something?]
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