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No touch knockouts in Finland

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    No touch knockouts in Finland

    Here's a link to a school in Finland. The website doesn't say much about the head instructor, but he's a Dillman student. If you look under "Gallery" they have a section on "Knock outs". I haven't gone through all of them, but all that I have seen were the no touch knockouts, including a no touch knee strike delivered to a wrist lock.



      For sheer B.S., why not check out the "No-Touch" knockout at the top of the gallery section on this site? See the "master" wave his arms, see the easily-manipulated disciple fall back into the arms of a "catcher". How inane.

      Another question for another thread might people who can be psychologically manipulated and give in to the teacher's power of suggestion this easily deserve to wear black belts?

      I posted a thread on the ridiculousness of no-touch, empty force, and demonstration knockouts some time last week. See:
      for more on this rubbish. The idea of people "taking one for the team" by fainting for the instructor, or allowing themselved to be struck full-force on a vital nerve area is mad to begin with.

      People who fall for this either want to earn their teacher's trust real bad, or just psych themselves into taking the fall. As for reaction to strikes, If I'm standing stone-still, you punch at me, I don't defend myself, and you hit me...Yep, I'm probably going to fall over. Might even take a while to get up! It's called "sitting duck syndrom". Most people here probably wouldn't be affected :)

      Be Happy,

      M.C. Busman
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        Pathetic! Those students behave like well trained circus seals!


          With the first Knock-out in the gallery, i.e. Sound knock-out. If it is using sound to knock the guy out why doesn't it also knock out the catcher behind him. I'm sure he heard it aswell and also why didn't the dude doing the move get knocked out. Unless they were wearing ear plugs? But that leaves the question. Why didn't all of us that listened to the video clip with headphones or speakers get knocked out? Hmmmmm, interesting questions ;-)


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                Heh, check out the unsuccessful no touch knockout.

                That's exactly how it would happen if he wasn't ko'ing one of his own.

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                  Still...they're no Yellow Bamboo.


                  Just watch the first 4 minutes of the takes about that long to get to the good stuff.

                  Cool Aid anyone?


                    You guys should check out the british magician Derren Brown. He specialises in tricks where psychology and hypnotic techniques are involved. Kind of like the old-school 'mentalists' who pretended they had psychic powers, except that Brown always makes it clear that he doesn't believe in the supernatural, and that all his tricks are done using psychological tricks like 'cold reading' and hypnosis.

                    Anyway, he once did this amazing trick in a CMA club (sorry, dunno the style) in London. He warmed up by having some visiting instructor from Hong Kong do a reasonably impressive version of the standard WC carnival trick called the 'One Inch Punch'.

                    Derren Brown then took the biggest, strongest looking guy in the class, and blindfolded He then stood about 6 feet behind him, talked to him a little bit, told him to brace himself, and punched towards his body, his fist stopping feet from the guys ribs.

                    The guy then crumpled, holding his ribs (roughly where Browns fist would have landed, had he launched the punch from about 5 feet closer). The onlooking guy from Hong Kong's jaw dropped open. Brown then explained that there was no 'supernatural energy' involved, and that what he'd just done worked because he'd used simple hypnotic techniques to work on what the MA student was 'expecting' to happen.

                    Sadly, I haven't been able to locate a clip of this trick. If anybody can, links to it should be posted on all forums where Dillman believers are discussing Dim Mak-type or 'No Touch' knockouts.


                      It's alway good to laugh at the finns. BWAHAHAHA.
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                      "Step away," I hissed.
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                        I have a hilarious anecdote of one of the EKJT teachers here in finland.

                        I was training to acquire job as an obduction technician ( the guy , who opens up the corpses and removes the intestines for the pathologist). The senior technician who was showing me the ropes happened to ask me: Do you do Karate?

                        "Yes, at least I used to ", I replied.

                        He started telling this story about "Jaakko" (a popular finnish name, changed not to damage anyone's reputation) , who wanted to come work in the morque, because he wished to achieve better knowledge of the human anatomy in order to fine tune his techniques as a pressure point Karateka badass. "Jaakko" was telling stories about his distinquished career in martial arts , his umpteenth black belt and so forth. The boasting carried on until the covers were pulled off the first corpse.

                        Making a weird wincing noise the mighty warrior leapt back, turning pasty white in the progress. "I'm not touching that ", he said with all his swagger swept away by the pungent odours of ripe meat.He left the morque never to be seen again.

                        Since it was a first hand account and even the true name of "Jaakko" was revealed, I consider the story true.

                        Well, I guess, if the evil dead were to attack "Jaakko", pressure points would've been pretty useless against the black magic of the level 2 zombie.. LOL