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World martial arts college ( Buy a rank?)

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    World martial arts college ( Buy a rank?)

    check out the rank certification page....

    I can buy rank from them with paypal.

    I guess paying for rank makes it more legit than making a rank up.

    Hmm, I wonder if that would let me make up and validate my own martial art. Move over, Phil Elmore!
    Lone Wolf McQuade Final Fight:


      The Graduate Portfolio:
      The graduate degree-seeking instructor must demonstrate competence as a Martial Art Instructor in their field through the creation of a Graduate Portfolio. In this portfolio, students demonstrate, document and synthesize their learning. Portfolios are reviewed and approved by a Graduation Committee composed of faculty members.

      1,000 words or less. Include all experience, dates of training, tournaments, seminars, demonstrations, other experience or ranks you have obtained, and from whom. Instructor certification must include experience at instructing Martial Arts students. Include all experience , courses taken, and length of time teaching.
      Instructors Agreement:
      *I declare that the information given above is true and correct.
      *I will live in the spirit of Martial Arts.
      *I will treat all my students with respect and dignity

      Instructor Candidate signature:
      Parent signature if under 18 years old:
      Handing out Graduate degrees to 12 year olds!!!! Outstanding!!!
      Originally posted by Canuckyokushin
      I would so do Buttsecks.


        yep reminds of the movie money pit.. how long will it take...2 weeks ,when can ya start.. when the check clears the bank

        World Martial Arts College
        Application for Instructor Certification

        Applications cannot be processed until payment is verified. To pay for your membership now,


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            Cool, I just bought a made up 6th dan.

            Thanks for the link.

            I especially like how many of the masters listed on your website can only be found through google as being listed on your site and other fake accreditation programs.

            Glad to see you are supporting the circle jerk.
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            "Sifu, I"m niether - I'm a fire dragon so don't fuck with me!"


              Originally posted by Askari
              Cool, I just bought a made up 6th dan.

              Thanks for the link.

              I especially like how many of the masters listed on your website can only be found through google as being listed on your site and other fake accreditation programs.

              Glad to see you are supporting the circle jerk.
              On a more serious note:

              Which is more important for my crebibility when applying for my grade - the big belly or the mullet hairdo? I'm willing to grow either if it helps.

              At the event to create a 'World Champion', why have all the kids strapped on a big blue belly - is it good preparation for senior gradings?

              The belly thing must work because almost every Soke, Grandmaster or Shihan I've seen has one, usually combined with strange head and/or facial hair. And Sammo on the telly was fat too.

              The website has a list of 'invited' celebrities - did anyone turn up and were they paid?

              Oh, I forgot, is there a secret ritual, too, as I don't rate any grading that does not give me a secret password or, better yet, do I get a tattoo?
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                Originally posted by WMACPR
                Came and visit us in Dearborn, Michigan in 2009 and you will see how you can buy it. For more information you can visit us at: . There in march 2009 is our World Wide Tournament Championship "Battle of Detroit" and we can discuss how much will cost you in person, also bring your fighting equipment is a must, acourse is a tournament and it is required.

                The World Martial Arts College count with Grand Masters friendship and spounsors like Fumio Demura, Chuck Norris Tang Soo Do and Taekwondo, Quoc L Tran Vietnamese Wushu, Gilberto Pauciullo Hungar Kung Fu, amount others. Also you can visit my website at for more information about the World Martial Arts College.

                Also the World Martial Arts College was founded and incorporated in 1977 in the State of Michigan with the legal rights to defend himself like corporation about comments like you that can affect his future like corporation, so if you have your pants we can suit you in court so you can demostrate in front of the judge your comments. We have enough good reputation and we are representing almost 20 countries and suporting many Martial Arts Organization around the world.
                When you file your complaint in court will you also spell parents as "pants" and demonstrate as "demostrate"? :)


                  I didn't go overboard. I just went ahead and skipped from red belt to 1st dan. Thats reasonable right?

                  It only cost me 19.95 + virtual shipping and handling.

                  It didn't say whether or not I actually get a belt or not. If so, can I get it engraved with this?

                  "Ray Stantz" "Master Interweb Fighter"


                    1000 words or less?

                    I assume that's because:

                    1. It's not like awarding someone an X Dan is worth taking the time to read more than 1000 words over, now is it?


                    2. Nobody is going to read anything but your cheque and we don't want you wasting your time.

                    Either way, looks like these grades are worth every bit of the effort you put in.....


                      Not speaking of thes world college ( for fear I may be sued in MI court and then shot by ted Nugent).When these guys buy their own ranks and titles they must feel like they should be good sports and sell others their ranks and titles.
                      I wonder if you can also buy the tournament titlte. Heavyweight grand champion black for only $499; men's lightweight yellow belt $23.14; Womens grand championship black belt $253.99 ( that one's on a blue light special half price sale! Wome are attracted to sales)
                      I can imagine going to the tournament/hall of fame get together and it's like a big flea market/yard sale. You just move from table to table checking out what you want to buy. One table has "used ranks" you can buy Chuck Norris' old 2nd dan for $800..well he doesn't use it anymore does he?
                      For a few thousand you could proabably buy a 10th dan, get a college doctoring degree and be in the hall of fame, all in one weekend.
                      I wonder if we would all get a discount if we went together in my car :car25:


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                          Do you have any idea how much Harvard costs a year? Hint: its over $30,000 a year.

                          Lets get to the facts, however.

                          1) How many people have applied to the WMACPR for rank of a 1st degree black belt or above in the last three years?

                          2) Of these people how many of these people had their credit card payments go through?

                          3) Of these people who put in their credit card information and were found to be able to to pay how many had their money returned or not accepted because your organization decided that their submitted background did not support their rank?


                            This guy is a lame troll.


                              Originally posted by WMACPR
                              Not everybody do it like all you that go to Walgreens and buy it there without a proper accreditation, or you can go to Harvard and buy your BA for $10.

                              If you wanna give yourself for $10 cheap guy, do it its your problem, but quality and accreditation have a cost here and World Wide. And the reputation came during long time period of quality time investment. But maybe you are the true Mc Dojo that just talk and the people don't pay for your knowlegde more than $1 because its what you are a costume to receive.

                              The people are not jerk and they want to pay for quality and accreditation and that is what they receive from us. Thats why they pay us for test them, thats why they don't go to you for it.
                              Wait? so if I don't pay you.. then I'm not really a black belt?

                              NO WAY! sign me up NOW!



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