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Peedee on Chi (Sorry, Dragonball Z Fans)

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    Peedee on Chi (Sorry, Dragonball Z Fans)

    Peedee's latest victim is the concept of "Chi".

    Check it out here:

    Look at me. Judge ME by my size do you? ...And 'ware you should not! For the Force is my ally and a powerful ally it is." -Yoda(The Empire Strikes Back)

    The time has come, boys and girls, to talk about Ki. Or Chi. Or Prana. Or whatever the hell else you want to call it. Let me tell you one thing before we take our little journey down into Kung Fu Theatre: This is ONE SORE SUBJECT. People get NUTTIE over this ****. And me, just the kind of guy I am, I enjoy very much the act of pissing people off who take all of this...

    As always, post your comments below.

    I can prove Peedee wrong........I've been using "Chi" in my style of Aiki-Biking 2 years ago to today!


      when's he gonna get that spell checker?


        Oh God...stupidity reaches new heights.

        How the Hell can you claim a natural body system does not exist? Did this dumbass Peedee even get through high school?

        In case any of you know a little about accupuncture, and are in the mood to, like, kinda DIE, try this and then tell me chi can't hurt you:

        Take a basic accupuncture meridian routine, like down the inner arm, kidney meridian. Instead of going from wrist up to elbow piercing all 5 points, go from elbow down to wrist, and then pierce another point, around the liver meridian, anywhere. Unless you are an invertabrate, you will be dead. It's that fucking simple. Nerves will not know where to send signals, brain will start sending out too many impulses along one nerve cluster, and you will drop dead from sensory overload. You think not? Ask any accupuncutrist. Ask any damn doctor who's ever studied neurology. Or just do the gene pool a favor and try it yourself.



          if you don't think goku is real, you've got a big dump in yo' pants!


            Of course he's real. Santa Claus told me so, and the Easter Bunny backed him up. They can't both be wrong, right?



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