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Belts and military rank

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    Belts and military rank

    On another board I found these two posts...
    There are quite a few excellent arts/schools in existance that do not use belt ranking systems, or even uniforms for that matter.

    To my knowledge, many if not most Hsing-I/Bagua/Tai-Chi schools (traditional Chinese Taoist internal arts) do not use them. They are also absent in Systema (Russian martial art).

    Does anyone know if there is any historical corelation/relationship between belt ranks and military ranks? This would seem to be an obvious link given that many of these arts originated to be used on battlefields.
    followed by
    i believe there is a correlation, my best friend is in the marines LCPL, he has shown his instructors his skill multiple times and has even met with the founders of the marine corp martial arts, and if he was of higher rank than corporal he would already have his black belt as he has 13 years of kenpo experience and is the best fighter i know, but they won't allow low ranking marines to be black belts
    So, are people going to take it in turns to point and laugh? I'm staying quiet as a)I'm english, and b) I know bugger all about the military
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    That is quite a lot of bull.

    There is NO relationship between belt rank and military rank.

    The belt system that is popular today comes from KANO, we all know that. I got the idea from watching swimmers at the university he was teaching at. Supposedly they group the different level of swimmers by the color of their swimming caps. Before the DAN/KYU system of ranking most japanese schools used only three levels of rank that pretty much went along the lines of NOVICE, APPRENTICE, TEACHER.

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      The real uestion is:
      Where the heck did this guy got his idea from ???



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          Just found this link to the Marine Martial Arts handbook

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