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Beginner Classes vs. Jumping in

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    We use a 5 week beginners course to give people the time to see if they actually want to continue with us and also give ourselves time to see how they will fit in the dojo. Following that, everyone generally trains together but we do split up one of the classes to ensure the more advanced students get to play.

    I think it's essential that everyone training is both stretched by their training and kept relatively safe in their training. Beating up beginners is a strange concept, I don't see what it proves on either side, other than someone needs to get laid more often to reduce their yang.

    However, I admit that one of our main problem with new students is normally a lack of any aggressive qualities whatsoever and bringing this level up while retaining them is difficult and can be time consuming - not a problem I think a lot of the judo/bjj dojos face as there's almost a "hard-man" filter in place from the outset.

    My main focus with beginners is to improve general confidence, movement and instill a degree of reality in them about what they are doing, how they need to train and what their strengths and weaknesses are. For this, you do need to split the newer students from the more advanced, but giving advanced students the responsibility for a newbie is equally important as they're invaluble for introducing a random factor to the advanced students training.

    rambling now.. shuting up


      Well, in my past 2 MA schools, the classes consisted of 3-10 (rarely 10) people, so being together wasn't so bad. In my MT school, ~6-10 is average, so the noobies are put with the noobies, and the psycho advanced students who just want to kill shit are put with the psycho advanced students who just want to kill shit. Since MT doesn't that complicated techniques or anything *d43dly* (I mean, if it was really deadly, we wouldn't spar with those techniques, right? :tongue3: ), so generally the instructor just walks around checking if people have the rythm of the drill down, and instructing the n00bs what the hell he wants us to do. :)




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