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ATTN: Peedeeshaolin and friends...

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    ATTN: Peedeeshaolin and friends...

    Announcing the latest news from GrandMaster Alter7nate!

    PeedeeShaolin, I thought you was gonna post a History on Alter7nate over at ADCC?

    On July 4th...I, Alter7nate went to watch fireworks, I'm finally DOING something!!

    On July 5th...I, Alter7nate went to the Hmong Soccer tournament...I learned alot of Katas.

    I learned new concepts and katas...especially on the art of interraccial marriage.............I saw this Asian dude with a cute blonde girl, and I GrandMaster Alter7nate love the idea of interracial marriage. I was just short of BLESSING the couple...but I didn't do so, after all I've just got out of the Mental Hospital for depression...if I'm depressed and not having fun, why should anyone else have fun or why should I care about anyone else? I know Terrorist World Champion Osama Bin Laden admires my expertise at this kind of logical reasoning...

    I encountered a GrandMaster Artist, the genius of Chia Lee....fuc!king good as hell at drawing.........I'm a good artist myself AND full of stupid creative ideas but GrandMaster Chia Lee is SO good at drawing that he kill me like Kodokan/Kosen Judo Champion Kimura killed GrandMaster Helio Gracie. (Note: I respect both Kimura and Helio)

    I also encountered Sensei Chee of the 2 great Sensei of the Ninjitsu Era.......Sensei Chai Hang and Sensei Ben Vang was 2 of the most powerful teacher/Sensei I've ever had, before these 2 legends...I was in my own little imaginations generated world, I'm now more into the real world.

    I will start trolling the Interracial Dating forums!! AND I will also walk over to the and defend Tae Kwon Do against the cult of Gracism!

    Note: I, GrandMaster Alter7nate have started a new herbal combination starting on July 2nd...hopefully this is my solution and will get me back to normal.

    Gotta go take a shower for now...sweaty from the Soccer Tournament..............and I have to say that if you're a Hmong or Asian guy with a Blonde girl, it's best not to let her go to that type of tournament...unless she's SUPER loyal (The genius advise of GrandMaster Alter7nate)

    By the way...those damn Snow Cones was a waste of money!! It's not even sweet!!!!!!!!!! BUT at least I'm doing something...and I'm not at that stupid Mental's the current Champion of all bad places!!

    A small sampling of my RESUME :

    I am the Nervous Healing Ryuha Herbalist GrandMaster of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    GrandMaster of Newaza/Helioki Aiki-Biking

    Black belt at Drawing/Shading

    Flying (Kosen) Checkers Vice Champion of Edison High School, behind only that of Math teacher Mr. Meh...the Edison High School Checkers Champion

    I'm one of the International InterTopic World Troll GrandMaster

    ADCC MMA website Troll Champion

    Yeah...and my Martial Arts hero is still the Great Kimura.......Gokor might be next!

    Edited by - Alter7nate on July 05 2002 17:18:41

    GUESS WHAT??????????????????

    I have successfully registered for the ADCC forum!!!!!!!!!! and will make sure everythere remember my legacy!!


      You make it sound like you are committing suicide. "and I will make sure everythere remember my legacy". Dude what is up with that?


        No no no, hook...I'm not the sudicidal type.........and if some "STUPID" doctors or the likes see your cocerning reply there man, they will try to put me in that stupid mental hospital again.

        By the way I HATE ADCC...they just banned me again! and I didn't even admit that I was'll be another 50 years before the Alter7nate style of Trolling Jiu-jitsu tries to gain the spotlight at ADCC


          So what form of mrtial arts do you prefer? I myself prefer BJJ with a little cross training in MT. I have just started on the kicks in MT and they are killing my shins. I am slowly but surely building up a layer of scar tissue on my shins. Right now they are black and blue.


            Well, Hook.....I've always made the impression that I'm a Gracie and BJJ hater..............but it was just my Troll personality.

            In reality....I'll train in any martial art that works, I heard you say that BJJ, Muay Thai and Freestyle Wrestling is examples of the best so I'll take those when I DO start training in anything...

            Maybe I won't be so depressed if I train in martial arts

            First I need to recover from my hormone imbalance problem/depressionn, then get a social life...and an education and finacial life.
            Then I need to find a Dojo in Minnesota...and start training............I'll train in anything that works (Concept of JKD), I'll try to to enjoy the most out of life (which I haven't enjoyed life my whole life, that's why I'm depressed and have all the time in the world to be the World's Troll Champion)
            I'll try to participate in anything good, crosstrain in anything.....drawing, Checkers, herbs etc.

            To be honest, currently I'm a loner...just got out of the Mental hospital a little over 2 weeks ago.
            A year ago...a great friend, Chai Hang...the first person to have took me back to the real world (I've been living in a semi-illusion world since High School) Chai Hang taught me alot about street life...he was a gangster. Chai Hang invited me to join their Muay Thai club...........but at the time I was stupid so I declined.

            Now......I'm currently taking alot of the World's most powerful herbs, when I finally beat the health problems thats bothering me.........I'll be out there crosstraining in everything, martial arts or not...including interracial dating!

            I'm 17 and 4 month years old, I was 165 lbs but fell to 155 lbs after I got out of the hospital

            Hook, do you think I have the physical power for the martial arts? How much did you weight? and how old was you when you started?



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