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    Combat Ki

    Hi all,

    I just saw a documentary on Discovery Mix (Europe) featuring a few minutes of "Combat Ki". It looked very McDojo to me. Any takes on that art?

    That's Juko-kai, right?

    Bullcrap, as far as I can tell. But I have no hard data.

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      Honestly I believe that the ki/chi are actually a real things, but is it combat effective? Only if your opponent are stupid enough to stand and let you charge it up and hit them. Most of the time your opponent wouldn't even stand there and let you beat them up, so I would says that it is a totally mcdojo.

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        I'm no expert in martial arts but I'd have to say that combat ki is combat crap. I saw the same documentary and it looked like the guys could only take hits to certain areas. When they were getting kicked in the nuts, you could tell they were drawing their balls up because of the way their stomachs were moving. I don't believe they showed any chicks getting kicked in the crotch. And the dude that got hit by four guys in the neck, he was straining his neck as hard as he could. If they had all taken turns hitting him in the nose he would not have been able to take it. And that crap isn't gonna save anyone from a decent joint lock or a choke.

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          Hey as I said last time this came up, I sparred one these guys and he really beat the hell out of my hands with his face technique.

          Of course this hurts, after all it is not basket weaving.
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            It looked like the combat ki guys just have well trained muscles and can contract thier muscles before contact is made.

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              "Combat ki" ???

              Does that even exist? It seems like they were just talking about hard chi gong (and apparently fake hard chi gong).

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