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Anyone heard of "Kombatan"?

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    Anyone heard of "Kombatan"?

    I met someone today who said they are the chief instructor at a local "Kombatan" school. From what I gather it is a composite of various Philippine martial arts and "an emphasis is placed on drills to train the student to react instinctively. Students are encouraged to develop their own style of techniques within the Kombatan framework."

    The official page is:

    To me it looks a little dodgy and the information is presented in a very roundabout manner... My guess is that the founder knows his stuff (assuming his credentials are real) but the rest looks like a franchise opportunity. Sure some of these guys can probably fight but I don't know if it is a direct result of the Kombatan training.

    I ran a search on this site for "Kombatan" but nothing came up... I also could not find any independent commentary on this system. Just short of actually going to a class and coming to my own uneducated conclusions, does any one have any thoughts about the legitimacy of this system?

    I have heard of Presas family name before. (As they have written quite a number of books on teh Filipino arts.) I think they are legit. Its basically escrima. In their case they teach empty hand fighting (if I recall correctly its called Kombatan).
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      The founder of kombatan is Remy Presas's brother. I never liked Modern Arnis, but Remy was highly respected. His brother Ernesto, is supposed to be highly respected, but then again that doesnt mean he can teach worth crap (this is not a comment on his teaching skills but a general statement). Both Remy and Ernesto were Eskrimadors, but I question an art where the founder is not training Eskrimadors but just practioners (Remy has said that training in Modern Arnis does not make one an eskrimador). Anyways, if kombatan guys fight, then I respect them more than most Modern Arnis training (Remy marketed Modern Arnis as a supplement art for dojos and actively tried to spread amongst TKD and Karate schools handing out rank like candy). However, Remy and Ernesto used to be under the same flag in PI till politics caused them to split, so I wonder how much he has his guys fight. Maybe like Remy, his top guys in PI can fight, but Ive met some kombatan guys here in the US, who could not fight their way out of a paper bag, and take Ernesto's training with no practical experience applying it in combat, even with just padded sticks. Then again, they may not have been high ranking enough. Anyways, for me, my own litmus test for any FMA, is do they fight. An FMA practioner is not an eskrimador if he does not fight, in much the same way as someone who trains boxing techniques is not a boxer if he never fights. You can hit the air, and targets all you want, and think about how you would move, but if you dont fight you are not a fighter.


        Interesting way of defining escrimador. I'm not sure I agree...
        I'd sure like too but having padded sticks and armour and such in
        most schools that *do* spar sortof means there is a spectrum of
        realism... from the people who don't fight at all, to the padded stick
        whores, to the armour+rattan, to the unarmoured rattan (which is where
        I fall).

        Then of course there are the hardwood unarmoured types.. who I would
        fear if I knew any :)

        It's a spectrum.. as much as I'd like to say FMA means fighting.. I don't
        think that's realistic.
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          Kombatan is cool, the second one was my favorite.


            DeepBlue, I did not define FMA as fighting. I consider Modern Arnis, even those schools where all they do is the occaisional 4 count sinawali once a month as a supplement to their TKD training, FMA. However, if you are going to call yourself an Eskrimador, at least if you are Filipino, you better know that the definition of Eskrimador is very simple.

            As for the spectrum, well, if you do padded stick sparring alone, the question comes to, replace that padded stick with rattan, would you still consider yourself a fighter? Replace your rattan with bolo, do you still have confidence in you art? No nitty shitty theory crap about optimal training methods, there needs be no reply on this post. But in you heart of heart, you say yes without hesitation, then I would call you an eskrimador.

            For me, I am still working towards calling myself an eskrimador. My grandfather was an eskrimador, while others have called me by that name, in my heart of hearts I am not there yet. The stick still hurts when I get hit.


              Kombatan is a good art, it has a systematical approach, and a good method of delivery it really teaches you to react and move well. What school did you visit just out of curiosity? I do not know about franchise opportunities, sounds a bit far fetched to me to be honest. I have been studying Kombatan for a year now and have been promoted once to level 1 (there are 10 levels) I walked into the school with experience in other arts so I wasn't brand new to MA. Everything about it has been legit to me, and all the instructors I have met or seen (Trained by Ernesto Presas) has been able to fight and fight hard. My suggestion would be like anything try it out, if you like it stick around, if it isn't for you move on. If you can stick around and get through the basics you will find it to be a good solid system.


                sounds like your heart is in the right place.
                the lable for the art I learn is "Arnis". Am I
                an arnisador? Well without being confrontational
                if someone isn't my instructor and wishes to say
                I *am not* an arnisador... they need to challenge
                then and there. I have bruises to show for my time
                and effort. Granted I'm not crazy enough to spar
                with kamagong or bolos (drill and play yes, fight...
                not any time soon, not as training).. but yeah...
                I'm an arnisador. I do arnis. It's my art. The pieces
                were given to me by someone else.. but it's mine now.

                I admire the standard you are holding yourself too however...

                Kepp training hard!
                let's talk about why fat-fu shall we?


                  Well, I know one Kombaton guy.

                  not sure of his rank but he is up there.

                  and he is bad ass with the sticks.

                  nobody to joke with.

                  real nice guy too.



                    Kuya, i really like your attitude. and props to your lolo.

                    it's funny about the change in attitude towards arnis and escrima (at least in my experience). when my father was growing up in the philippines and he saw the old men do arnis he thought it was silly and just a dance. he said that many of his friends felt the same way.

                    my father looked to boxing to learn how to fight (and he can still kick my ass) and so did his friends. but as my father grew older he realized the value of arnis and now wishes he could have learned it while he was still back home.

                    do any of the other filipino posters here have similar experiences?

                    i for one grew up with karate, and never really was exposed to arnis until recently. i would like to one day pick it up and maybe start a tradition in my own family.

                    p.s. Kuya, do you have a tito boy too? there are 2 in my family.



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