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    this is a guy who was FIRED in the martial arts industry..Peedee, you taught a lot of people MAN!

    you taught your pubic hairs how to stand up on their own, and thats about it!

    "If attacked fight, and fight to kill"


      I think kata are misapplied, and misunderstood. What's wrong with shadowboxing Peedee? BTW: I don't practice kata.

      **The most miraculous power that can verifiably be attributed to "chi" is its ability to be all things to virtually all people, depending on what version of the superstition they are attempting to defend at any given moment.**


        Never said I didn't spar often or work the heavy bag. During an average class kata is 1/3 of my practice time. Then 1/3 moderate contact sparring and 1/3 working drills.
        Right now I'm just getting back into class after taking time off to tend to family matters. In my downtime I had my heavy bag and kata, that's it. While not sparring, the heavy bag gave me something to hit, to work against. By doing kata I managed to keep most of my skills from going stale and by looking at what I was doing I even picked up some techniques and footwork. Not a bad return for practicing something that's "useless".

        PD scribbled...
        Let me give you some points and then YOU can tell me how I'm wrong.
        #1 Hitting ACTUAL TARGETS builds ACCURACY. Forms do NOT.
        I agree to a degree, but there is also visualization used during kata. Or at least there should be. You don't practice visualization?

        #2 Hitting ACTUAL TARGETS teaches you the concept of DISTANCE. Forms do NOT.
        Hitting actual targets isn't a concept PD, it's putting a concept into action.

        #3 When hitting a heavy pad or thai pads you can move your feet REALISTICALLY, the same way you should if you were faced with a real person. The stances of traditional forms are NOT used in a real situation.
        I'll agree with the first part somewhat, but not the second. I see front stances, back stances and even the horse stance used by many systems all of the time, from BJJ to the combative systems that many enjoy today.

        #4 Hitting ACTUAL TARGETS build POWER. Striking the AIR builds JACK SHIIT.
        I agree with the first part, but in kata you are not striking air you're working on coordination and technique.

        So answer my question PD about what kata you know and how the techniques are outdated. Tell me of why there is nothing in kata that can be used for self defense. What happened PD, the Paul Mitchell team turn you down?

        We could go ON and ON and ON. Everything I've said is FACT. You just don't like it.


          First of all jamoke is lying about me being fired, but I don't even need to defend myself from a little boy. I've already said I would have JKDChick call any school I was employed at and confirm this, thereby PROVING him a LIAR and the forum BITCH.

          Shadowboxing is not kata.

          Rent some videos on kata or some old books and see how some of the best kata practitioners in the world study kata. Its nothing like shadowboxing.

          Visualization has NOTHING to do with REALITY. You CANNOT correctly visualize corerect distance. Basically your playing make believe.

          The drills I mentioned develop skills INFINITELY more valuable than Kata. Why would you practice something that gets you LESS results than something else?



            I QUOTE PEEDEE:

            "I've already said I would have JKDChick call any school I was employed at and confirm this, thereby PROVING him a LIAR and the forum BITCH."

            like i would belive JDKChick, you are most likely her!

            you have been FIRED from teaching martial arts! i just do not know why, but i intend to find out.

            stop pretending you have been teaching for years peedee, your a FLUNKIE..

            your profile says you are preparing to open a "large" academy in the next year..

            when is this going to happen.?

            you were FIRED from teaching and now your dreaming of opening shop! ha! doubtful you low life shitass!

            "If attacked fight, and fight to kill"


              Your not even worth my time. Nothing you say is even taken seriously.


                whatever you say, but i know its the truth.

                "If attacked fight, and fight to kill"


                  Hmmmm what time is it? WELL WELL WELL! Time to make jamoke look either a) STUPID or b)like he's HIDING SOMETHING or c)a LIAR!

                  So, tell us all how you found out this information! Who did you speak to?

                  Let me can't DO that can you?

                  In front of EVERYONE I want to see you back down.

                  Do it.


                  You'll NEVER answer my question.

                  HA HA!



                    do you think i am dumb enough to post real names?

                    the fact of the matter is that you HAVE been FIRED.

                    answer the question about your "large" academy?

                    "If attacked fight, and fight to kill"


             can't say a SINGLE THING LOL!!

                      Do you really think people believe you? At one time they might have, but you've been exposed for a liar too many times. Just like NOW!

                      Im TELLING YOU. In front of EVERYONE HERE that I AGREE TO PAY YOU $1,250 if you can prove I was fired. I will also take a naked picture of myself and post it on every forum on the net.

                      I'll even give you my address and let you punch me in the face. I'll even sign an agreement holding you without fault and barring me from any kind of retaliation.

                      Now when you STILL can't tell anyone JACK SHIIT it will be SO OBVIOUS what a LIAR you are YET AGAIN.

                      Once again you have been made my BITCH.



                        "Visualization has NOTHING to do with REALITY. You CANNOT correctly visualize corerect distance. Basically your playing make believe."

                        Here are some people that will disagree with you PD, but then they're not of the same stature in the martial arts as you are.


                        Link for Frank Shamrock article.
                        The final aspect of Frank's training system is visualization. "I can't emphasize the mental aspect enough," he insists. "A fight looks very physical, but with two equally-strong, equally-fast and equally-trained fighters, it's more of a chess game. They both know what works and what doesn't. They both have experience, and neither one has the advantage over the other. This is when the fight goes to the mental level, and the fighter with the better mind will win.

                        "I use visualization constantly. I relax completely, and create a mental image of the fight in my mind. I see myself against the other fighter, and I see him coming at me. I mentally visualize myself in every conceivable situation, and winning in every conceivable situation. In the real world, I've been in many, many matches, it's true. But in my mind I've been in literally thousands of matches. In my mind I've been through it all, every move, every attack, every type of fighter, and every situation. I hold these images in my mind, let my instincts take over, and I win.

                        "One of the questions a lot of people ask me, in personal conversations and interviews is, 'Frank, what was the biggest surprise you every had against an opponent.' And the truth is, I've never been surprised. No one's attack or strategy or technique ever took me by surprise because I'd been there before, if not in the real world, in my mind. I can honestly say a fighter who doesn't use visualization is not a complete fighter."


                          I disagree with him completely. There are many great fighters that do NOT use visualization.


                            Care to name them and prove that they don't?


                              you are a LIAR and a MORON. I already have your address and when i'm ready, i will punch you in the face.

                              YOU WERE FIRED! anybody can call and ask them, i ask anyone to call and ask if a PETER was fired, see what they say.

                              "If attacked fight, and fight to kill"


                                Gee....I WONDER why jamoke won't take me up on my offer?

                                Could it be he's a LIAR??



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