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    Body Type

    With all the threads around here about this style or that, how much influence do you think your own body style has on the system that fits best for you. That is, some might be naturally stronger, or more agile, or more flexible, on and on. Also, how aggressive you are etc.. I would think this would have a significant impact on what styles you would gravitate towards and be effective with. So, you most match the style to you.

    What do you think?

    most styles can "change to suit you" - that is you use techniques that are best for your body type, or use a modification or a different "flavor" of a particular one to suit you.

    In boxing, one example would be lanky guys using reach and stocky guys in-fighting. It all really comes down to what you are good at, and what you are trying to do.

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      There are very few styles that are able to suit only certain sizes. I thinks it have more to do with speed and aggressiveness. Those are only few martial arts that probably should only suit certain body type: Wing Chun (the man from Montana with same wide and height who trainned the goat boy aren't the right person for WC) because their hands have to be very slender and fast to be able to strike in small area easily. Sambo because Sambo was develope by Russian (Russian are really big and stocky), so it probably won't suit a small person like me well. That is probably only two styles that require certain size. If you are really huge (ie; same wide and height) or really small, slender, slow, and weak then you probably should consider join a fitness program before taking up martial arts.

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