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    AFC Kickboxing

    Hey quick question what do you guys think about afc kickboxing and tommy botone good school or no?

    Have no idea - do u have a website? Is it just normal american kickboxing? Or is it light -contavt kickboxing. Muay Thai even?
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      just regular kickboxing here is the link:



        Ring Of Fire!!!!!!!!


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          Ring of Fire, what is it, like Johnny Cash kickboxing or something? LOL.

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            I saw some of Tommy Bottone's amateur students kickboxing here in St. Petersburg... It was an amateur event, to be sure, but I cannot comment badly on what I saw from them.

            The event was mainly about Bottone's students from NY vs. local students of Amir Ardebily from St. Petersburg and Rob Rene from Orlando.

            Although I think, for a few reasons, most of Bottone's students were better overall fighters, the local team managed to pick up most of the fights on points (the judges were all local too, but that didn't influence anything *cough*).

            A caution, though: In one of the bouts, a student of Bottone's exploited the rules (i.e. no knees, no elbows) by getting in close and ducking under his opponent's hands with his guard above his head, which would have earned him a knee to the face in a real fight. Just make sure you keep in mind what you want to learn (i.e. sport kickboxing vs. self-defense) if you go.

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