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    Tons of New Articles

    We got a bit lazy over the Holidays, but our members were busy, and we've got a bunch of articles to show for it.

    Ukemi: The art of being beaten up, by Sam Harber

    Psychological Warfare by 9 Chambers

    Stereotyping Martial Artists by Jing Shen Gou.

    Flaws in Brazillian Jiujitsu posted anonymously.

    Comparing Martial Arts also posted anonymously.

    And The Poet's 2002 McDojo Recap Poem

    Check them out, and don't forget to rate and add your comments.


    If you ever want to reprint any of the salient material from my site (such as the Virtual Tough Guy and Virtual Sensei profiling guides) just let me know.


      Hey, thanks. I skimmed a few of your articles a while back. Good stuff.

      I'm actually reading one of your articles on Ayn Rand right now. Atlas Shrugged is one of my all time fav. books.


        Really? Great! You ought to like the rest of Ayn Rand articles, then. When did you first read Atlas?

        If there are any articles on my page that you want to reprint, just grab the source and paste them -- as many as you like. All I ask is that you credit me as the author with a link back to my page.


          If I can ever muster the time to do it, I will. Otherwise, if there's something specific you'd like to see put up here, feel free to submit it, and add the link to yourself on the submission.

          I actually just read the book about 6 months ago, after having a lot of people tell me that I have a lot of ideas in common with her philosophy over the years. I read it in all of 4 days.

          The whole line of thought (which I agree with) that states that making money through honest production is not evil is one of the reasons why I don't personally have any problems with commercially successful martial arts schools. It's only the kooks and snake oil salesmen that try to use fradulent or non-existent martial arts skills to make money that I take issue with.


            Will do, Phrost.

            You might want to read The Fountainhead next, if you haven't. I like it better than Atlas, to be honest.



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