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    For what its worth.... One of these schools opened near our school (half a block) a few years ago. One of my training partners and I dropped in to meet the guy. He had only been practicing a short few years, and was dan ranked with his own school. I got the feeling there wasn't much depth to their practice. I did however have an opportunity to see that they do work out very hard during class, if you are interseted in the excersize, it will probably suffice. We intended to come back to observe their sparring, but the timing never worked out. I also later met some students of that group. They also seemed to me like people with no depth to their study. I don't have a good impression of the group, but they never claimed to me that they were monks or even linked to the shaolin temple, so I can't say they made false statements. At one point, they were charging 70/mo for 1 class per week of 'tai chi'. That's a bit of a rip off. The website for the one in my area is



      This is a clip of two shaolin-do students sparring. I realize not all practitioners may spar like this, but this is pathetic. Notice how the caucasian man fights from a horse stance with his hands on his thighs. I also liked how his opponent dropped randomly and did that retarded sweep, and he didn't counterattack, he just let him get up. Notice how when he is approached, he turns around, kicks the guy behind his back, and rolls forward. -____-

      By the way, more clips can be found here:



        This thread has now been resurected 2 times. It is pertinent to current events, and has some interesting information.

        This is interesting from Kial just a few posts up

        The friend is in telling me about learning a new form reciently, that his instructor started out and it looked really odd. Then the instructor stops half way through, "Sorry, messed up, that's the Japanese version of the form." It was a 'kung-fu-ed' up Sanchin kata.
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          where are you training now? are you in the wva area?


            Watch the "Shaolin Grand Master" clip. It's the worst praying mantis you'll ever see. Doesn't even look like CMA.


            I've busted their story apart many times on KFO. None of their lineage/history holds up under scruntiny. Even the stupid "we wear Gis because of an Indonesian law banning CMA" story is bogus. Sin The' came to America in 1964. That law was passed in Indonesia in 1965.


              The Shaolin-Do website and philosophy is crap.
              For starters, they state:
              "If your primary interest is tournament skills, I advise you to seek your training elsewhere! Most of what you will learn here is too lethal for tournament use. I teach the ancient system of Shaolin Do, 'Art of survival, not of sport.'

              Then you look further on the site and see info and pics of tournaments all over.
              Talk about bullshit contradiction!



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